What WWE Should (and Shouldn’t) Do With The New Call-Ups

There are some new stars on the roster. Luckily, I am wrestling genius and so I have told WWE what they need to do with these stars

As is traditional following WrestleMania, there are a few new faces on the Raw and SmackDown rosters in WWE. There are at least four new faces on the main roster. 

Raquel Rodriguez (formerly Raquel Gonzalez) was an NXT women’s and NXT tag team champion. 

Tomasso Ciampa, an NXT icon who was considered one of the Black & Gold brand leaders.

Elias’ younger brother Ezekiel.


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And of course…VEER!

But what do with these four new stars, and how do you ensure their success on the big shows? Well, thankfully, Vince McMahon personally reads me every day. So here is what WWE should and, more importantly, shouldn’t do with the new roster members. 

What They Should And Shouldn’t Do!

Shouldn’t: Put Them In A Title Picture

I know there’s a temptation to immediately put them in a title picture. The problem with that is unless you plan on having them win a title instantly, there’s very little utility in having them compete for and lose a championship. Because after you lose a title feud…then what? Do you move to the bottom of the barrel? 

Should: Pair Them With Them A Established Talent

Instead of hotshot title attempts, have this new talent build themselves up by working with established talent. We are already seeing Veer decimate the Mysterios, and Tomasso and Ezekiel look to be in a program with Kevin Owens. Perhaps, for Raquel, return her with a returning Alexa Bliss or make Natalya a mentor for the young star.

Shouldn’t: Put them In A Tag Team

All four of these talents are proven to stand out on their own. Putting them in a tag team wouldn’t help their progress. Also, WWE has too many hodge-podge tag teams as it is. There need to be more established tag teams.

Should: Let Them Win A Few

Nothing kills momentum for a wrestler like losing a bunch of matches. A lot of the audience is unfamiliar with this new talent, so it’s vital to build them up and have them win a few matches. And not just squashes, either. All four of these wrestlers are talented and capable in the ring. WWE should give them the chance to show off what they got. 

What Will Probably Happen

The reality is that it is still a crapshoot on whether or not this talent will make it on the main roster. The tastes of Vince and the audience change at the drop of a hat. But, if WWE listens to me (and only me), then there’s no reason these four stars can’t have long and sustainable success.

What do you think about WWE’s newest call-ups? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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