Tony Dungy Defends Fatherhood

Hall of Fame NFL coach Tony Dungy is using his fame and power for good. A long-time motivational speaker and advocate for strong fathers and families, Dungy worked with the government in Florida to unveil a $70 million “Responsible Fatherhood Initiative” that will help out struggling families, and struggling fathers in particular provide for their children. Seems like a pretty good idea,  right? 

Unfortunately, there were a lot of detractors who were upset that Dungy was standing beside Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis. Some users called Dungy everything from homophobic to “Anti-Black.”**

Thankfully not all of Twitter is down with this “cancel culture” nonsense. 

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Who Is Tony Dungy?

Tony Dungy is a Hall of Fame man on and off the field. Now a commentator for NBC Football, Dungy was an NFL coach for 28 years. In his final 12 years, he was the head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Indianapolis Colts, winning a Super Bowl with the Colts and constructing the team that won in Tampa Bay the year after he left for Indianapolis. 

Dungy, who regularly works in prison ministries, talked about how a lot of the young men who become incarcerated have one thing in common, they didn’t grow up with a father: 

“I asked [Abe Brown], how do those young boys (19, 20, 21) get [in prison]? And he told me it’s not socio-economic, it’s not racial, it’s not education, it’s none of that. 95% of these boys did not grow up with their dad.”

Dungy has written several books and is a sought-after motivational speaker who talks about coaching and leadership.

His Tampa-2 defense that he pioneered with defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin redefined defense and forced offenses to be more creative in their passing schemes. 

I’m really tired of this cancel culture stuff.

Why do we always have to look through everything through the lends of politics and “red vs. blue”?

Tony Dungy is a good man who is one of the most beloved figures in all of professional football. To try to besmirch and attack him is frankly pathetic. 

And what is so wrong with encouraging fatherhood and encouraging men to be a positive force in their children’s lives? 

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** It should be noted that Tony Dungy is in fact, Black.

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