Tony Khan Dirt Sheets
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Tony Khan has received some backlash over his tweet about social media “bots” that share negative comments about AEW. Now another wrestling talent speaks out about the promotion’s CEO and how he pays dirt sheets.

Titan Claims Tony Khan Pays Dirt Sheets

Braun Strowman recently called out Khan for paying dirt sheet writers. He also claims that AEW talent is not allowed to “work” wherever they want, as Tony has said in the past.

In fact, Braun criticized AEW’s CEO for “blackballing” stars from working with the Control Your Narrative (CYN) promotion.

Why does Strowman believe that Tony has not allowed his talents from working these CYN events? Braun believes it’s because Khan thinks these shows are a threat.

Since joining CYN himself, Strowman has been quite critical of the larger promotions. Considering his history with WWE, it’s hard to blame him.

Does Tony Khan Pay Dirt Sheets?

Braun’s allegations towards Khan regarding the CYN event may be true. However, as of this writing, there’s no evidence of Tony paying dirt sheets.

Braun, who wrestles under his real name now as “The Titan” Adam Scherr, started off his career in the WWE, signing a contract with them in 2013. He would debut in NXT as one of Adam Rose’s “Rosebuds” in 2014, and his first in-ring match was in December of that year.

Strowman debuted on the main roster in 2015. At that time, he joined the Wyatt Family Stable on Monday Night RAW.

Braun was released by the WWE in June 2021. During his time with the company, he scored the Universal Championship, IC title, and won the 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble, as well as the  Money in the Bank that year.

He also was a two-time RAW Tag Champion. He achieved this once with Seth Rollins and the other time was when he hand-picked a young boy named Nicholas out of a WrestleMania 34 crowd to win the tag titles.

With his negative comments about AEW, it’s unlikely he’ll become All Elite anytime soon. However, he does seem to be enjoying his time with CYN, right now.

Speaking of AEW, fans seem to be growing tired of Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti’s antics. This led to a segment of theirs getting quite edited.

AEW Segment Heavily Edited

Since Tay and Sammy confirmed their relationship on social media, AEW fans don’t seem overly impressed by them. Especially after the couple posted a controversial photo of the two and the TNT Championship, in the bedroom.

Tony Khan Dirt Sheets

Source: @ScottLesh724, Twitter, Screenshot

According to a report, Sammy and Tay were heavily booed during an AEW Rampage taping in Boston recently. With that said, the fans’ reaction to them was edited out when the episode aired.

Scorpio Sky Tweets, Tay Conti Reacts

Scorpio Sky would react to this, posting something on Twitter. The tweet is below.

As you can see, Tay Conti took the opportunity to reply. She notes that if she “didn’t hear it”, it “didn’t happen”.

From the looks of it, AEW fans likely won’t be warming up to Tay and Sammy anytime soon. Especially with comments like Conti’s on social media.