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Thomas Rhett wants you to know that his relationship with his wife, Lauren Akins, is not easy. He notes people look to his marriage as how they want theirs to be — like theirs is the “relationship goals.”

The country star and his wife have been open about seeking counseling and help in their decade-long relationship. 

The struggles and the work of keeping his marriage going informed his latest album, “Where We Started.”

Thomas Rhett’s New Album

The album deals with a lot of the struggles of married life. Rhett wants fans, and even family and friends, to know that his marriage takes a lot of work and that he and Lauren Akins put work into it.

“It just takes work. Those songs portray the work we put in. As challenging as it may be to like uphold that like ‘we’re perfect couple,’ I think over the last couple years just embraced that we’re just not.”

Akins as well expressed frustration that everyone thinks their marriage is perfect. Saying that they are far from “relationship goals.”


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The couple shares four children, and Rhett’s music reflects the highs and lows of married life and parenthood. Akins is an author and motivational speaker.

“Where We Started” is Thomas Rhett’s sixth studio album. His previous albums have reached Platinum and Gold status, with Tangled Up reaching Double Platinum status. 

Here’s his song “Angels” from his latest album:

Rhett created boundaries and strict rules for himself when he was on the road without his wife. 

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A Note on Celebrity Relationships

I find it refreshing when celebrities are honest about their relationships and their struggles. Too often, celebrities constantly talk about how happy and in love they are.

Celebrities do not owe us anything about their relationships, and if they want to portray everything as blue skies and rainbows, then that is their right. But too often, famous people put up these walls of perfection that hide pain and drama behind the scenes. 

But when a celebrity does discuss their private life, it is nice to see them talk about their struggles. Not that we should look up to famous people for relationship advice, but many people do. Perhaps Rhett and his wife can let the rest of us know that all the money and fame in the world can’t save your relationship from the everyday problems we all face in relationships.

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