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Texas Firefighter Uncovers the Truth About His Illegal Adoption

As an adult, Tyler Graf learned that he was stolen at birth from his Chilean mother. This discovery led Graf to uncover his past.

Tyler Graf, a 37-year-old firefighter from Texas, was adopted as a young child. He grew up in a loving family but felt “the first five minutes of the movie” were missing from his life. A DNA test and some Internet research revealed something frightening; he was stolen from his birth mother in Chile. That discovery led him on a mission to uncover his past.

Graf found that he was one of the thousands of children taken from their Chilean birth families and adopted by unwitting parents in other countries. At the time, Chile was led by General Augusto Pinochet, who ruled as a dictator. Graf’s mother was told her son died at birth and that she couldn’t see the body. It was all part of a plan by Pinochet’s authoritarian government to “eliminate poverty” by taking the children of impoverished families. 

Graf has decided to use his story to raise awareness for the lost children of Chile. He created a non-profit designed to help children reconnect with their lost families. 

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Other “Stolen At Birth” Stories 

One of the most infamous instances of children being stolen from their birth parents is the story of Edward Galland, David Kellman, and Robert Shafran. At birth, the triplets were separated as part of a mysterious “nature vs. nurture” study.

Unfortunately, twin separation is not uncommon. Adoption agencies say that it is sometimes hard to home twins together.

All children tend to see improved outcomes when they can maintain a connection. When they aren’t placed together, child welfare professionals do their best to help them maintain those family bonds. Unfortunately, Pinochet wasn’t worried about the welfare of the children he stole through illegal adoptions. 

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