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Last week, legendary Die Hard and Lethal Weapon star Bruce Willis announced that he will be stepping away from acting at the age of 67 after being diagnosed with the degenerative brain condition that is known as aphasia.

Now, sources are speaking out to say that Willis’ family has “rallied around him” during this difficult time, and that they’re trying to focus on the positives.

Original story: Bruce Willis Retires From Acting After Devastating Diagnosis

Willis’ Family Focuses On Happy Times

Willis is married to Emma Heming Willis, with whom he shares two young daughters. He is also close to his ex-wife Demi Moore, who is the mother of his three adult daughters.

“Emma is especially grateful for the daughters she shares with Bruce,” one source told People Magazine. “Everyone is focused on all the happy moments they are able to share.”

The Mayo Clinic defines aphasia as being “a condition that robs you of the ability to communicate. It can affect your ability to speak, write and understand language, both verbal and written.” It typically occurs after a traumatic brain injury such as a stroke. However, it is not known at this time what caused Willis to develop it.

Willis’ Family ‘Rallied Around Him’

A source close to the family said that they are “doing whatever they can [to support him].”

“They have rallied around him in a big way to help Bruce cope with what is to come,” this insider added.

Another source close to Emma spoke out to say that “as someone facing health challenges, Bruce couldn’t be part of a better family. It’s been shocking. And it’s not easy seeing a spouse decline. But she’s trying to keep it together for him.”


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Going Public Gave Willis ‘A Sense Of Relief’

A different insider told US Weekly that Willis and his family are “deeply touched at the sheer outpouring of love and support they’ve received ever since they shared the news.”

“The closest members of his inner circle were all aware of his issue and had been for some time,” the source explained, adding that the family announcing his diagnosis “was about breaking the news to the wider community after it became clear that Bruce needed to step back from his career.”

This insider said that going public gave Willis “a sense of relief in many ways,” and he now feels that he has “got that monkey off his back.”

Willis had a decades-long career in Hollywood during which time he brought joy to millions of people and many more will continue to watch his movies. Please join us in saying a prayer for him and his family during this difficult time. 

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