Vince McMahon & Undertaker Emotional, Amazing Scott Hall Tribute

The WWE Hall of Fame will be an emotional evening for Vince McMahon and Undertaker because both will likely be crying. Also, a fan has stepped up to honor the late Scott Hall in an amazing way.

Vince McMahon & Undertaker Emotional

Vince McMahon has seemingly accomplished everything a wrestling promotor could want. He turned a regional business in a global empire, competed at WrestleMania and created unforgettable moments.

On April 1, Vince McMahon will face one of the most difficult challenges to date. He has the honor to induct the Undertaker into the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame Class.

Vince is not known to show weakness on TV. He stays calm during unfortunate times, but they might in a few weeks.

The Dallas Morning News recently spoke to the Undertaker. He was there to promote WrestleMania 38, yet the conversation drifted to McMahon,

Undertaker said the evening will be emotional for both parties. Also, he thinks Vince might prank him since the ceremony falls on April 1.

“I’m a little bit nervous,” said Undertaker. “There’s no one that Vince loves to play practical jokes on more than me.” 

“And the fact that the Hall of Fame is on April Fool’s Day… Who knows what’s going to happen. I do know it’s going to be emotional and I’m not sure to what lengths he will go to not to completely fall apart and be emotional.”

“We’ve almost had radio silence here for the last few weeks after I asked him to induct me. So, I have no idea what to even begin to expect from him.”

Vince McMahon And Undertaker Go Back 30 Years In WWE

Undertaker is the most loyal wrestler to Vince by never leaving his side for 30 years. We will have to see what the ceremony brings, but tears from Vince and Undertake seem likely.

He is best known for his impressive Wrestlemania streak that was 21-0 before it was broken. Undertaker retired with an astounding 25-2 record at WrestleMania.

It shows how much Undertaker meant to Vince and WWE. Remember, there will never be another Undertaker in pro wrestling.

Amazing Scott Hall Tribute

Source: @dastardlyduo3, Twitter, Screenshot

Sadly, the wresting world lost Scott Hall at 63 years old. He was going in for hip surgery and a blood clot became loose, causing three heart attacks.

He was put on life support until his family and friends arrived. This week, WWE and AEW both honored Hall during their respective wresting shows.

Tributes poured in from fans, wrestlers and those that knew Hall so well. He was a trailblazer and will certainly be missed.

People found different ways to honor Hall, but one fan went even further. A Chicago barber cut a tribute into the fan’s hair.

As you can see, it came out amazing. 

It just goes to show, fans loved Hall and would anything to honor his legacy.

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The lineage of pro wrestling dates back centuries, tying the world together through the art of storytelling. After nearly 30 years of watching, now Joe has the chance to report the news about men and women competing inside a 20-foot by 20-foot ring.

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