Jon Jones Takes Aim At Chael Sonnen Over Recent Incident

Jon Jones

Chael Sonnen had no problems throwing shade at Jon Jones.

And Jones deserved it.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion has had his battles with the law. But, now that it is Sonnen in that spotlight, Jones is taking aim.

“This couldn’t be more accurate,” Jones wrote in a reply on Twitter, “imagine having someone at your job who couldn’t hold your jockstrap being your biggest critic. Shit was annoying lol.”

“It’s interesting how sometimes the people who are praying for your downfall and wishing bad on you,” Jones continued, “end up receiving everything they wished on you.”

Sonnen is accused of attacking a couple in Las Vegas in December. According to reports, the former UFC title challenger punched Dr. Christopher Stellpflug multiple times and his wife, Julie. 

He also fought with security before being restrained. Sonnen is being sued by the Stellpflugs for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. 

In 2013, Jones scored a first round TKO victory over Sonnen to defend his title. The two were also coaches against one another on The Ultimate Fighter 17.