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California May Parole Man Who Kidnapped And Buried Alive 26 Children

Frederick Woods, convicted of kidnapping 26 children and burying them in the desert is eligible for parole. Will he get it?

The State of California may soon release a man who kidnapped 26 children and buried them alive in a failed ransom bid.

In 1976, Frederick Newhall Woods and three other assailants hijacked a school bus with 26 kids and their bus driver in Chowchilla, California. The victims were buried alive in an underground truck trailer as the kidnappers asked for $5 million in ransom. It is considered the largest kidnapping in US history.

The bus driver and the children dug themselves out and escaped after 16 hours underground while the kidnappers were asleep.

Two Kidnappers Paroled, One Remains Incarcerated

Woods is the last of the kidnappers still incarcerated. The other two kidnappers were paroled, Richard Schoenfeld in 2012 and James Schoenfeld in 2015.

In statements, Woods has apologized for the acts saying:

“Now I fully understand the terror and trauma I caused. I fully take responsibility for this heinous act.”

Some of his victims are still dealing with the trauma of the event and believe he needs to remain incarcerated.

One victim noted: “I’m 50 years old, and I can have an anxiety attack over getting in the car with my husband,”

This is the 18th time Woods has attempted to gain parole. The final decision rests with the entire parole board and California Governor Gavin Newsom. 

It seems that if you kidnap 26 children and then bury them alive, that should be about the end of you in a civilized society. 

I’m sure Woods is very sorry for what he did and regrets the harm he caused. While prison can certainly and should act as a reformatory, specific crimes involving kids should put you away for the rest of your natural life. 

If it had just been the driver, then sure, I could see that maybe he could be let out.

But again, you’re talking about 26 kids buried in the desert. And what was their plan if they didn’t get the money?

They weren’t going to release the kids. Something tragic could have happened. 

California – Soft On Crime? 

California experienced a rise in violent and property crime in 2021.

During the same period, cities across the state elected prosecutors who pledged not to prosecute non-violent crimes. Los Angeles and San Francisco have seen explosions in petty crime incidents. Many critics note that police hands are tied because the prosecutors refuse to prosecute certain instances of theft. 

In the supposed “woke” San Francisco, even those charged with violent hate crimes are free to roam due to the city’s decision to reduce the use of “cash bail.”

I can’t help but notice the relation between the “Defund the Police” movement and those who want to put more hardened criminals back on the streets. 

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Even progressive California has had it with this. Crime is at the centerpiece of every election in California.

There are recall efforts underway for the liberal prosecutors in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Citizens and business owners want to feel safe and want a government that is going to listen to their concerts, and frankly, that is not happening in California at the moment.

Too many politicians are concerned with being woke and looking good to activists instead of trying to fix the problems plaguing our cities. 

What do you think? Is California too far gone? Let us know in the comment section below.

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