In the wake of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and surprise announcement involving Camilla Parker Bowles, new reports are coming in that Prince Charles’ second wife was “suspicious” of Meghan Markle and her motives even before the former “Suits” actress officially became a member of the British Royal Family when she married Prince Harry back in 2018. 

Camilla Was ‘Suspicious’ Of Meghan

British author Tom Bower told The Sun that Camilla tried to remain “tight-lipped” early on when it came to her opinions on Meghan. 

“From the outset, Camilla was suspicious about the adventuress from Los Angeles,” Bower alleged. “She found it hard to believe that Meghan would sacrifice her career and independence to serve silently as a team player devoted to the monarchy.”

“But, as in all her conduct, Camilla remained tight-lipped,” he continued. “While watching Charles painfully believe that Harry was intent on publicly humiliating him, Camilla undoubtedly provided the comfort and good advice to reassure her husband that he had done the best he could.”

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Camilla Called Meghan ‘That Minx’, Source Says

Behind Meghan’s back, however, Camilla’s true feelings about her stepson’s wife were allegedly revealed in private conversations with Charles.

“… Camilla is the sort who would refer to Meghan as ‘that minx’ – the self-seeking troublemaker whose antics will always end in tears,” Bower said.

The Royal biographer says Camilla cast the unflattering image of Meghan while trying to comfort Charles, reassuring him that “while his authority is challenged by the Sussex’s, he would emerge victorious.”

Meghan And Harry’s Silence An ‘Insult’

Meghan and Harry were noticeably silent earlier this month, when Queen Elizabeth announced that Camilla will be Queen Consort when Charles takes the throne.

Bower saw this silence as being both “deliberate” and an “insult” to the Royal Family.

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“Perhaps the Sussexes’ deafening silence is Meghan’s way of declaring war,” he said. “It is believed that she has never liked Camilla, and I am sure the feelings are reciprocated.”

Camilla’s suspicions about Meghan gained some credence in 2020 when she and Harry stepped down as senior Royals and moved across the world to California, where the former “Suits” actress grew up.

They have since signed multi-million dollar deals to create content for Netflix and Spotify, and Harry is working on a memoir about the Royal Family that is said to be explosive. 

Harry Expected To Slam Camilla In Memoir

Sources have said that Harry will be particularly hard on Camilla in his book. 

“Although tensions have eased between the two of them over the years, it was more for a show of unity than a close relationship,” one insider told The Metro U.K. “There were big problems at the start but as Harry and his brother William aged and matured, things got better and they can now co-exist as adults. They were never close with her and they still aren’t.”

Another of Harry’s friends told The Mirror that they predict the Duchess of Cornwall “will come in for particular criticism in the no-holds barred memoir.”

Harry is reported to be working with ghostwriter J. R. Moehringer and the memoir is expected out later this year by Random House.

Should Harry go after Camilla in his upcoming book, however, it will only further escalate tensions among the Royals. It seems at every turn there is a new slight or scandal.

One thing is for certain, everything changed when Harry met Meghan. So is any surprise that Camilla Parker Bowles and Meghan Markle would be at odds?

Now the world waits for Harry’s “bombshell” memoir. If it’s anything like the Sussex’s Oprah interview, the Royal Family is in for another shake up.

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