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Reporter Gets Hit By Car Live On TV – Has Epic Reaction

While reporting on bad weather on location, a local news reporter was struck by a sliding vehicle. The story gets crazier from there

WSAZ-TV reporter Tori Yorgey got hit with some breaking news. Literally. The West Virginia TV reporter was reporting on severe weather out on the street live when a vehicle crept into the background of her shot. Then, the unthinkable happened. THE CAR HIT HER!

Yorgey shrugged it off. Immediately saying, “It just got hit by a car but I’m OK.” and then preceded to finish the report. The guy in the studio could not have given less of a darn about it. The dude shrugged and said, “that’s live TV for you.”


Yorgey  seems to be a magnet for cars, as she remarked that this wasn’t her first time hit by a sliding vehicle. And then the young reporter tries to console the woman who HIT HER WITH THE CAR.

This reporter is nothing short of superhuman. I canceled going to the gym this morning because I had a hangnail. Can you imagine getting hit by a car and continuing to do anything, much less deliver the news? 

I do know that she is not paid enough for that. Local news reporters make nothing. Give her a raise and a shot on a bigger network ASAP. 

What Does It Feel Like To Be Hit By A Car?

It probably hurts.

Luckily the car was going very slow, and the reporter did not appear to be severely injured. It would have been a disaster if it had gone just a few miles faster. Your age, how fast the car is going, and where it hits you also plays a factor. 

But even if a car is barreling towards you, and you can’t escape, there are ways you can stay safe. Just roll onto the hood of the vehicle with lightning-fast reflexes. This stuntwoman demonstrates the technique below.

Other Reporter Shenanigans

This incident seems an excellent spot to re-live some of my favorite live news bloopers.

Is kidnapping funny? This anchor seems to think so.

I don’t know who this anchor is, but her production staff pranks her.

This classic from Norm was a better question than anything an average reporter would ask at a press conference.

And how can we forget this classic from Bill O’Reilly?

How would you react if you got hit by a car? Let us know in the comments below.

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