4 Reasons You Have To Watch 1883

If you're a fan of westerns, or just high quality television, then might we interest you in '1883' starring Tim McGraw AND Sam Elliott?

Is the Western back? It certainly seems that way. Not since Deadwood has a western TV series captured the imagination like Yellowstone and its new prequel 1883. Both stories tell the generational tale of the Duttons, who start from humble beginnings to own the largest ranch in the United States. 

Still on the fence about 1883? Here are a few great reasons to check it out!

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From The Guy Who Wrote Yellowstone (and Wind River and Hell or High Water

1883 comes from the brilliant mind of Taylor Sheridan.

Many (myself included) credit Sheridan with reviving the Western. Sharp writing and impressive world-building are why Sheridan is one of the top writers in Hollywood right now.

If you’re looking for further work by Sheridan, I suggest checking out Wind River, a criminally underrated neo-Western film that plays on many of the same themes seen in Yellowstone

Sheridan was a struggling actor before he sold his screenplays. Never give up and know your worth.

In addition to westerns, Sheridan also wrote the Sicaro movies.

Tim McGraw And Faith Hill

The country mega-couple star as the head of the Dutton family as they begin their trek from Texas into Montana. I knew Tim McGraw could act, but seeing Faith Hill act has been a pleasant surprise.

But the show’s real star may be Isabel May, who is receiving rave reviews at the Dutton’s daughter, Elsa.

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Sam Elliott Is In It! 

When I think Hollywood cowboy, I think Sam Elliott. The gruff and mustachioed actor looks like he was genetically designed to be the perfect man of the west.

Some call his role as trail guide and widower Shea Brennan the best of his long and storied career. 

Cameos Abound

The series started with a beauty of a cameo as Tom Hanks as Civil War General George Meade. 

Billy Bob Thorton is set to star in another few episodes and is reportedly in talks to work on Sheridan’s Yellowstone spin-off 6666 (Four Sixes) based on the famous ranch in West Texas.

I would highly suggest you give 1883 a try. It has the feel of Red River and Bend of The River.

Will you watch 1883? Let us know in the comments below.

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