Queen Elizabeth Rocked By Another Devastating Loss After Christmas

In a year fraught with scandal and loss, Queen Elizabeth was dealt another tragic blow after Christmas when her lady-in-waiting died.

After a year full of hardship that included the death of her husband and various royal scandals plaguing her family, Queen Elizabeth was hit with one more crushing blow before 2021 came to an end, when her longtime lady-in-waiting Lady Farnham passed away on December 29. She was 90 years-old. 

Queen Elizabeth’s Lady-In-Waiting Passes Away

According to Fox News, Lady Farnham had acted as Lady of the Bedchamber for Queen Elizabeth since 1987.

Most notably, Lady Farnham took Prince Philip’s place at the Queen’s side for her Diamond Jubilee back in 2012 after he was hospitalized. 

Sadly, Lady Farnham’s passing comes just weeks after the death of the Duchess of Grafton. The Duchess served as Mistress of the Robes for Queen Elizabeth from 1967 until she passed away on December 3 at the age of 101.

“It is very sad for the Queen,” said one royal source. “… It has not been a good year for the Queen – losing her husband and the Duchess of Grafton and now Lady Farnham.”

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Lady Farnham Was ‘So Good-Humored’

This source went on to describe Lady Farnham as someone who was always “so good-humored.”

“They were dear friends who supported the queen on official duties,” the palace insider stated. “Unfortunately, a sad consequence of living a long life is that you have to say goodbye to a lot of people you care about.”

Born Diana Marion Gunnis, Lady Farnham married Lord Farnham in 1959, and they remained married until his passing back in 2001. She left behind two daughters and four grandchildren. 

Find out more about Lady Farnham’s death in the video below. 

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Queen Elizabeth’s Difficult Christmas

This was a difficult Christmas for the Queen, 95, as it was her first without her late husband Prince Philip in 73 years.

During her annual Christmas Day message, the Queen said that she understood the difficulty of spending the holiday season “with one familiar laugh missing” as she spoke in front of a framed photo of herself and Philip. 

“Although it’s a time of great happiness and good cheer for many, Christmas can be hard for those who have lost loved ones,” the Queen said. “This year, especially, I understand why.’’

Despite losing Philip, the Queen stayed positive by saying that her family has been a “source of great happiness,” pointing out that she had welcomed four great-grandchildren in 2021.

Aside from the various deaths of people close to her over the past year, the Queen has also had to deal with stressful scandals related to other members of the royal family like Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle.

That is a lot of hardship for anyone to bear. Especially someone at such an advanced age. No question this is a very sad and heavy time for Queen Elizabeth.

Here’s hoping that 2022 is a better year for her. 

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