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Pope Francis Torches Cancel Culture – ‘Dangerous One-Track Thinking’

Pope Francis held nothing back as he slammed cancel culture as a "dangerous one-track thinking" in his speech earlier this week.

Pope Francis spoke out earlier this week to slam cancel culture, warning the public that it is perilous to “rewrite” history with “dangerous one-track thinking.”

Pope Francis Slams Cancel Culture 

While giving his annual “state of the world” speech to diplomats, the Pope made sure to enunciate the words “cancel culture” in English during a speech that was otherwise in Italian, slamming “agendas increasingly dictated by a mindset that rejects the natural foundations of humanity and the cultural roots that constitute the identity of many peoples.”

“Cancel culture is invading many circles and public institutions,” the Pope said, according to Politico. “As a result, agendas are increasingly dictated by a mindset that rejects the natural foundations of humanity and the cultural roots that constitute the identity of many people.”

“I consider this a form of ideological colonization, one that leaves no room for freedom of expression and is now taking the form of the ‘cancel culture’ invading many circles and public institutions,” he continued, according to The New York Post. “Under the guise of defending diversity, it ends up canceling all sense of identity, with the risk of silencing positions.”

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Pope Francis Issues Warning 

The 85-year-old Pope went on to warn that “a kind of dangerous one-track thinking is taking shape, one constrained to deny history or, worse yet, to rewrite it.”

Pope Francis then said that historical events must be interpreted in the context of its times, rather than by the standards of today. 

While the Pope did not give any examples of what he perceives to be cancel culture, this comes one month after he attacked a European Commission document for telling employees not to use the word “Christmas.” This document was later withdrawn following the backlash that came in. 

“Diplomacy is called to be truly inclusive, not canceling but cherishing the differences and sensibilities that have historically marked various peoples,” he concluded. 

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Pope Francis Talks COVID-19 Vaccine

NBC News reported that earlier in this same speech, the Pope said that getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is a “moral obligation,” and that doing so translates into respect for the health of those around us. Health care is a moral obligation.”

The Pope also complained about ideological divides that are discouraging people from getting vaccinated. 

“Frequently people let themselves be influenced by the ideology of the moment, often bolstered by baseless information or poorly documented facts,” he said, saying that “reality therapy” needs to be adopted to fix this. 

While not everyone will agree with the Pope’s approach to the vaccine, his comments about cancel culture will certainly resonate with millions of people around the globe. God bless him. 

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