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Fast Facts About Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker is looking like the future of NXT and possible of all of WWE. What do we know about the hot up-and-comer?

Bron Breakker is the new NXT champion. His ascendency marks the end of the Black & Gold brand and the beginning of the tye-dye brand. So what do we know about the Big Bad Booty, Nephew? Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Bron Breakker Comes From a Wrestling Family 

Bron Breakker has an elite wrestling pedigree, and that is an understatement. He is the son of tag team legend Rick Steiner and uncle of WCW legend (and promo god) Scott Steiner.

You can see his familial influences in using the off-the rope bulldog and Steiner Recliner. Both moves made famous by the Steiner Brothers.

He even has a bit of his uncle’s cadence and promo style.

He Was A Football Star 

Before he was the NXT champion, Breakker excelled on the football field. He played fullback at Kennesaw State and signed as an undrafted free agent for the Baltimore Ravens. The dude has some sick measurables. 

And you know what? In High School, he was a real sweetheart of a guy.

Is Bron Breakker The Future of NXT? 

Frankly, the change was overdue. NXT being an indie wrestling showcase every week wasn’t working, and the stars coming from there were not making it on the main roster, so I think a change needed to happen. I can’t entirely agree with all of the decisions leading to that change, such as the firing of William Regal, but the goal of NXT and the Performance Center is to make stars who can go to the main roster and make money. 

I think Breakker can be one of those big draws. He has a great look, elite athleticism, and he has been training with WWE for less than a year, and he already is main eventing and looking like a million bucks. Now granted, his matches were all with highly experienced stars, and I think he will be wrestling a lot of established stars moving forward, but his upside is undeniable.

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