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Dolly Parton & James Patterson Wrote A Book – Everything You Need To Know

Is there anything Dolly Parton can’t do? From writing hit songs, starring in movies, and owning theme parks, the “Jolene” singer and country icon is the definition of a “multi-hyphenate.” We can now add “thriller author” to that list of accolades as Dolly Parton has written a book with James Patterson. Here are all the details. 

Dolly Parton & James Patterson Team Up On Run Rose Run.

Written in conjunction with best-selling author James Patterson, Run Rose Run tells the story of the rise of a young country music star and her brushes with danger and a mysterious past. 

Of course, Dolly co-wrote a book. It is hard to argue that she isn’t the hardest working person in show business.

Run Rose Run Has A Soundtrack

To the added delight of fans, Dolly Parton wrote a whole new album to accompany her collaborative novel with James Patterson.

The 12 song record, which shares the name Run Rose Run with the book, is blue-grass centric and even features an ice-cream tie-in. 

Miss Dolly is 76, but she is working harder than ever and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

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Does James Patterson Write His Books?

This isn’t Patterson’s first novel co-written with a celebrity. He co-wrote two books with former President Bill Clinton.

To date, Patterson has put his name around 150 b00ks and collaborated with many authors. Many of his books nowadays are written with a “co-author.” But that doesn’t mean he isn’t doing much of the work.

According to most sources, Patterson acts as a “head-writer and executive producer” for most of his projects.

He writes a detailed outline of the story, sometimes as long as 80 pages. The co-author then writes out chapters based on his outline, and then the two go back and forth, revising the process. 

This process has garnered him a share of controversy. Critics and fellow authors alike contend Patterson is little more than a rubber stamp on other people’s work and doesn’t do much writing. 

If that is is true or not, it is hard to argue with his success. James Patterson has sold over 300 million copies of his books. The popular Kiss The Girls and 1st To Die author made nearly $95 million in 2016 alone.

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