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Former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner is speaking out against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for the way it has handled the case of Lia Thomas, a transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer who competes with women despite being biologically male. 

Jenner Sounds Off On Thomas

Thomas has been breaking women’s swimming records left and right, with her teammates anonymously saying that “they never will be able to beat [Thomas]” because of physiological differences.

Despite protests, the NCAA has been handling this issue thus far by allowing Thomas to continue competing against biological women.

The NCAA has adopted a similar approach to that of the U.S. and International Olympic Committees. They will evaluate transgender participation on a sport-by-sport basis, and participation will be determined by the policy for the sport’s national governing body. If there’s not a national governing body, then the sport’s international federation policy would be in place. And, when there’s no international federation policy to look to, previously established IOC policy criteria would be consulted.

This did not sit well with Jenner, who told Fox News host Sean Hannity that “biological men should not play in women’s sports.”

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“I’ve been pretty consistent,” Jenner said. “We have to protect women’s sports from something like this. Lia Thomas, first of all, I respect her right to live her life authentically — suffering from gender dysphoria is a horrible, lifelong struggle, and every story is different.”

That being said, Jenner voiced her support for the biological women on Thomas’ team. 

“They have to be so woke and say, ‘Oh, this is great,’ while down deep inside they’re saying, ‘This is wrong,’” Jenner said, adding that the swimmers who have spoken out have done so anonymously because they fear being cancelled. “It is wrong, and I’m very disappointed in the NCAA. They did kick the can down the road, but we have to deal with this issue. We have to protect women’s sports. They’ve worked so hard for equality.”

Women’s Sports Must Be ‘Protected’ 

Jenner concluded by saying that women’s sports need to be “protected.”

Tammy Bruce of the Independent Women’s Forum has pointed out that since transitioning, Jenner has refused to compete against women in any sport because she understands the physiological differences between biological men and biological women. 

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Check out Jenner’s full interview with Hannity below.

Rice University Coach Speaks Out

Rice University swim coach Seth Huston, a four-time Conference USA Coach of the Year, also blasted the NCAA for its handling of Thomas’ case.

“The NCAA once again has proven that it is not leading. It is not really even following,” Huston said, according to Daily Mail

“The NCAA governance has become a bystander waiting for other organizations to make tough decisions,’ Huston told swimming news outlet last week, commenting on the collegiate athletic association’s updated transgender-participation policy,” he continued. “They hoped NIL would continue to be suppressed and now they are scrambling to make it fit their construct. Now they sit on the sidelines with Transgender issues.”

Coach Says Thomas Should Compete Against Biological Men

Huston concluded by saying that he believes Thomas should be allowed to compete, but only against biological men. 

“Lia has every right to compete. But I think, black and white right now, you compete as what you were biologically born until we get to a point where we’ve expanded opportunities, you know for instance, in transgender,” he said. “I get Title IX, I understand it, Lia is completely within the law to do so. But there are other ways I think we can be accommodating and making opportunities for Lia without hurting a whole of other.”

Many feel that this entire situation is a prime example of wokeness gone too far. 

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