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Alec Baldwin Hit With $25 Million Lawsuit By Family Of U.S. Marine Killed In Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

The family of a U.S. Marine killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan last summer is suing Alec Baldwin for $25 million.

Months after the Hollywood star Alec Baldwin was involved in a fatal shooting on the set of his movie Rust, the hits just keep coming. The troubled actor has now been hit with a $25 million lawsuit by the family of a U.S. Marine who was killed in the suicide bombing that took place in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 26.

The reason? The family claims that Baldwin falsely accused Marine Lance Cpl. Rylee J. McCollum’s sister of being involved in the Capitol riot in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021.

Alec Baldwin Sued By Family Of Fallen Marine 

Court documents obtained by Fox News show that the family of McCollum is suing Alec Baldwin to the tune of $25 million over social media posts in which the actor branded the late hero’s sister a participant in the Capitol riot.

The story takes a few interesting turns. Initially, Baldwin was actually doing quite an admirable thing. 

After hearing about McCollum’s brave sacrifice, he gave McCollum’s sister, Roice, $5,000 to pass along to McCollum’s widow, Jiennah Clayton. So far, so good. 

Then the trouble started. Roice shared a photograph of herself peacefully protesting the 2020 election on January 6th. 

When Baldwin saw it, he wrote on social media, “When I sent the $ for your late brother, out of real respect for his service to this country, I didn’t know you were a January 6th rioter.”

There’s just one big problem: Roice wasn’t a rioter, and was even cleared by the FBI after investigation.

That’s where the lawsuit comes in. The family accuses Baldwin of defamation, invasion of privacy, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

“During the rioting, she was stuck in place outside the Capitol Building next to multiple police officers for hours after the rioting began due to the fact that so many people were around her and the area had been locked down,” the lawsuit alleges. “Later, a neighbor who was unhappy that Roice attended the demonstration turned her into the authorities.”

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Alec Baldwin Labels Roice A ‘Rioter’

Roice responded directly to Baldwin’s claim on social media, saying, “Protesting is perfectly legal in the country and I’ve already had my sit down with the FBI. Thanks, have a nice day!”

“I don’t think so. Your activities resulted in the unlawful destruction of government property, the death of a law enforcement officer, an assault on the certification of the presidential election,” Baldwin replied. “I reposted your photo. Good luck.”

Baldwin’s posts, according to McCollum’s family, resulted in harassment and hate messages.

“Get raped and die, worthless c— [kiss emoji]. Your brother got what he deserved,” one comment cited in the court documents read.

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“Negligent And Reckless”

Making matters worse, Alec Baldwin allegedly continued to call Roice an “insurrectionist” and “rioter” while engaging with commenters on his Instagram post before he eventually deleted it.

“Baldwin’s conduct was negligent and reckless as he should have known that making the allegations he did against plaintiffs to his millions of followers would cause plaintiffs harm,” the court documents state. “Baldwin’s comments were false, outrageous, defamatory, irresponsible, vindictive and caused – and continue to cause — plaintiffs severe emotional distress. Instead of being able to focus on grieving LCPL McCollum’s death and raising his newborn daughter, plaintiffs and their family are now fearful for their lives.”

Alec Baldwin has yet to respond to this lawsuit.

This comes as he is still being investigated for his role in the fatal shooting that occurred on the set of his film Rust, when a gun that he was holding went off and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, also injuring director Joel Souza.

Now would certainly not be a good time to be Alec Baldwin. 

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