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Wreaths Across America (YouTube, Mission BBQ)

Many of you likely know and respect Wreaths Across America. A beautiful tradition of placing evergreen wreaths on the graves of brave American veterans to honor them each Christmas. But are Christmas wreaths offensive? Does placing them on the graves of our brave veterans violate their deeply-held religious beliefs? Would you go so far as to call a Christmas wreath a “gang sign?” The president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation would.

Military Religious Freedom Foundation President Attacks Wreaths Across America

Michael ‘Mikey’ Weinstein, president of Military Religious Freedom Foundation, is not a fan of Wreaths Across America, an organization dedicated to places on the tombstones of our veterans. 

In fact, Weinstein seems to think the placing of a wreath is a violation of religious freedom. 

Here’s what the Military Religious Freedom Foundation president had to say:

“That looks like it’s a Christian gang sign, that you’re creating territory that is a Christian territory,”

A “gang sign”? Really?

You’re going to call perhaps the most benign and universally accepted symbol for Christmas, save a tree and presents, a “gang sign?” 

What’s amazing is that this guy imagines himself the good guy. He compared the placing of wreaths around Christmas time to “carpet bombing.” A bizarre warlike metaphor for something meant to be kind and thoughtful.

In my opinion, this guy sounds like every 20-year-old atheist who read a Christopher Hitchens book and suddenly knows how “evil” religion is. Curiously these people seem to always go after Christianity and leave everyone else alone. 

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Charity Watchdog Weighs In On Christmas Wreaths Controversy

Weinstein also accused Wreaths Across America of not being above board with the finances, a claim that Fox News and a representative from charity rating site Charity Navigator appeared to refute.

Matt Viola, the Charity Navigator representative, did however find it odd that Weinstein himself collected a six-figure salary worth over $300,000, despite the organization only pulling in $700,000 in revenue.

Weinstein also claimed to work 150 hours a week. 

Charity Navigator representative Viola said:

“We do see six-figure compensation for our $1mil or more star-rated charities, but its low six figures. So for a charity under $1mil, this appears to be high.”

Are Christmas Wreaths Offensive?

In his rant, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation president called wreaths a “pagan” symbol.

While the wreath might have some similarities to the religious objects of pre-Christian religions, it certainly is not a “pagan” symbol. Besides, whatever the wreath once symbolized long ago has certainly been dwarfed by what a Christmas wreath symbolizes now. 

And while we’re on the subject of wreaths, did anyone else ever make these marshmallow and cornflake treats? 

Personally, I love wreaths. They can be so creative and festive. Look at a few of these cool ones! 

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