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Why Jeff Hardy Never Pitched An Idea To Vince

Jeff Hardy is one of the most unique and creative wrestlers in history. But where did he take all of his ideas to get them on TV?

The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy is a ball of charisma and energy in the ring. The long-time crowd favorite is beloved for his unique look and never-say-die attitude.

But behind the scenes, Jeff is known to be a quiet and shy man who keeps to himself and his close friends. During his interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hardy revealed how he dealt with his addiction’s ups and downs and what it was like working with his brother Matt. 

I found it surprising that when it came to getting the Hardy Boyz gimmicks into Vince’s hands, it was Matt doing most of the talking while Jeff rarely spoke to Vince McMahon.

(quotes via Fightful)

“Matt was always the pitch guy during the Hardy Boyz thing. He was always the guy, you know, the more sociable guy compared to me, but yeah. I’ve never pitched one idea to Vince.”

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Who Would Jeff Hardy Go To With Ideas?

While Jeff wasn’t one to politic and go to Vince, he did have someone in mind when he shared his ideas. Micahel “PS” Hayes, the long-time produce for WWE, was a close confidant of Jeff’s and was his go-to when he had a new concept:

“I always go to Michael Hayes usually when I have an idea that I feel really passionate about. Because he’s got a great mind for it.”

Hayes was the earliest support of the Hardys in WWE. HE managed and wrestled with the Hardys at the beginning of their run.

The Changing Hardy Boys

Matt being the pitch guy makes a lot of sense. Matt is always looking to reinvent himself and keep himself fresh in the minds of fans. While Matt constantly needed to change, change became part of his gimmick. Who else remembers Matt Version 1? 

But for Jeff, his connection to the crowd was automatic. I don’t get it, but I know he has this ability to get the entire group behind him. 

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