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Comedian Sarah Silverman is under fire this week after she criticized MSNBC host Joy Reid about what she thought was a misleading social media post. 

Reid And Silverman Square Off 

It all started when Reid shared a CNN headline that read “DeSantis proposes a new civilian military force in Florida that he would control,” adding the comment, “So… y’all know this is fascisty bananas, right…?” However, Reid declined to mention the fact that Florida would become the 23rd state in the United States to have such an organization.

Silverman responded to Reid’s post by saying, “Please read the article before you post this stuff you’re a news outlet. The truth has to matter.”

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Silverman Fires Back At Liberals 

Liberals were quick to slam Silverman for daring to be critical of Reid, and she fired back on her podcast by saying that leftists are making it seemingly impossible to critique one another without being labeled “the enemy.”

“Here’s the thing, if you read the article she retweeted, you read that 23 other states have this voluntary civilian militia already, including California and New York,” Silverman said. “We’re so divided, we can’t even criticize the people [on] our own side. We can’t even critique anyone in your own party without punishment.”

At the 4 minute mark, Silverman says, “One of the hosts of ‘The View’ was like, ‘What hubris for Sarah Silverman to accuse a black woman of not reading,’ Oy! Jesus H, What the — I f***ing, I surrender! Good grief. I don’t want any trouble.”

Silverman added, “I cannot believe I need to say this, but I did not criticize Joy Ann because she’s black, but because she’s a Harvard-educated journalist with the responsibility, ideally, of showing the whole picture and not just a piece of a picture.”

Check out what Silverman says right here:

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Silverman Attacks Media 

Not stopping there, Silverman complained about the news being biased, saying “Where do I get just the plain old news?”

“I need a news outlet that’s just the facts, something that I can draw my own opinion — just facts, and then I draw my own opinion on it,” she said. “That would be so nice. I’d like to draw my own conclusions sometimes. I mean, I’m interested in other people’s thoughts, but, um, it can’t only be that.”

“And good grief, you dare criticize anything in your own party, you’re the enemy,” Silverman concluded. “And that kind of black and white thinking on both sides — it’s such a turn-off to me, that ‘you’re either with us or against us’ kind of vibe with no room for questions or critique — it feels very not liberal to me.”

It seems that Silverman may be dangerously close to being red pilled! Millions of Americans will certainly be able to relate to her frustrations with both Reid and the media in general. 

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