Jeff Garlin leaving The Golbergs abuse allegations
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Has cancel culture struck again? We will lay out the facts here and you’ll be the judge. Jeff Garlin, who plays the lovable yet boorish dad Murray on the ABC 80s throwback sitcom “The Goldbergs”, is reportedly leaving the hit show following allegations of harassment and abuse. 

The Allegations Against ‘The Goldbergs’ Star Jeff Garlin

According to reports, 59-year-old Garlin, a stand-up comedian and actor, was the subject of multiple HR investigations during his past three years on the show.

Sources indicated the star was emotionally and verbally abusive. Sources also noted the “mood” on the set changes when Garlin arrives.

Other reported misconduct includes using lewd language around people who had previously complained, and yelling at a married couple for the husband not properly instructing the wife. 

Garlin defended himself saying he needs “silliness” on set in order to play his character. 

The story came to light when a writer for Vanity Fair began to investigate rumors of complaints and Garlin’s firing. 

Jeff Garlin Gives Candid Interview On Allegations

Garlin gave a rather candid interview about the situation, here’s what he said when asked about an alleged physical altercation:

Nothing physical by any stretch of the imagination. And the verbal part was a joke that was completely missed—because I like this guy. I like his wife. I’ve worked with them for years. How I suddenly wake up one day and I don’t like them—I don’t get that. I will say the joke was missed and I apologize to him. If someone misses a joke, that’s unfortunate to me. I don’t like it.

In my opinion, if Garlin is under fire for simply missing with a joke, then I don’t see if that’s reason enough for him to be let go. As a comedian, he will miss sometimes, and often he will cross the line.

Does that mean he shouldn’t modify his behavior? No, if someone is offended or hurt then he should be mindful of that and perhaps not joke as much with them.

But simply making a joke and having it not hit the mark shouldn’t be a reason for someone to get canned. 

Regardless, Jeff Garlin is now gone from the show. There is a rumor that this is The Goldbergs final season, and I have to imagine losing your leading man won’t help them get a tenth.

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Jeff Garlin’s History

Prior to his breakout role on “The Goldbergs”, Garlin starred in Daddy Daycare opposite Eddie Murphy and voiced the Captain in the Disney animated film Wall-E.

Garlin, primarily a stand-up comedian, came to prominence playing a version of himself on the HBO comedy “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

Garlin was a stand-up and occasional actor before making it big on the long-running HBO sitcom. There is no talk yet on if Garlin will be removed from “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

Is Cancel Culture Going Too Far?

I suspect this all amounts to people not getting Jeff Garlin’s sense of humor on set.

Ideally, people should be able to understand a joke. However, if Garlin was repeatedly warned by HR to change his behavior and he didn’t then that’s on him.

Personally, I do think people are a bit too sensitive nowadays, but that doesn’t give you a license to be a jerk.

My prediction is that Jeff Garlin will not be “cancelled” over this as he will continue to tour and star on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. However, it may serve as a warning that he can tell the same jokes that he used to. 

What are your thoughts on this story? Let us know in the comments below. 

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