Ghislaine Maxwell accuser Annie Farmer testifies Epstein trial touch breast
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Annie Farmer, the final accuser in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, took the stand on Friday and shockingly testified that the alleged former madam of the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein once gave her an unsolicited massage and touched her breasts.

Final Ghislaine Maxwell Accuser Annie Farmer Testifies 

While the previous three accusers testified under pseudonyms, Annie Farmer used her name as she took the stand, according to Fox News.

Farmer was only 16 years old when she visited Epstein and Maxwell at his ranch in New Mexico back in 1996. At the time, her older sister Maria was working for the billionaire. 

During Farmer’s time at the ranch, Maxwell offered to give her a massage, and the young girl undressed after agreeing. It was then that Farmer says the now-59 year-old British socialite touched her breasts.

“Once she pulled down the sheet, I felt kind of frozen,” Farmer said.

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Annie Farmer Testifies Jeffrey Epstein Crawled Into Her Bed

Later during this same trip, Farmer says that Epstein crawled into her bed while she was sleeping. 

“Suddenly Epstein kind of opened my door, bounding into the room in a playful way, saying that he wanted to cuddle,” Farmer recalled, adding that he then “pressed his body into me.”

Farmer was able to get away from Epstein by saying that she had to use the bathroom.

Civil filings show that Epstein and Maxwell are accused of sexually assaulting her older sister, Maria, the following month at the Ohio compound of former Victoria’s Secret CEO Les Wexner. 

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Ghislaine Maxwell Told Teen She ‘Had A Great Body For Mr. Epstein’

Earlier this week, another accuser, who testified under the name Carolyn, claimed that when she was just 14 years old, Maxwell told her that she “had a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends.”

Carolyn said she had sex with Epstein many times for money, usually being invited to do so by Maxwell, according to Fox News

“Something sexual happened every single time,” Carolyn said of each of her visits to Epstein’s home.

When Carolyn was massaging Epstein one day, she said that Maxwell even fondled her breasts and buttocks. She told the jury that she was left so traumatized by the abuse that she had to numb herself with alcohol, cocaine and marijuana.

Maxwell, who has been in federal custody since July of 2020, has been charged with six counts stemming from the alleged abuse of four victims, including sex trafficking of a minor and enticement of a minor.

If convicted on all charges, she is facing 70 years in prison, but she has plead not guilty on all counts.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial is expected to last about six weeks.

Questions and implications involving her former partner, Jeffrey Epstein, permeate her trial yet many will remain unanswered. Epstein allegedly committed suicide in prison back in 2019 while awaiting trial on his own sex crime charges.

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