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CM Punk Names The Future Of AEW, Paul Heyman Angle Discussed

CM Punk is new to AEW, but he already knows some names that will represent the future of the company. Also, Paul Heyman could have a major role come WrestleMania 38.

CM Punk Names The Future Of AEW

A major reason WCW failed was because they never built their own talent. Basically, they relied on wrestlers that were stars in WWE.

AEW is looking to do the opposite. They do have previous WWE wrestlers on their roster, but they are building new stars.

CM Punk, who became a major attraction in WWE, now calls AEW home. So far, he faced a mix of wrestlers, including some fresh faces.

On ESPN’s SportsNation [1], Punk was a guest where he listed the future of AEW. 

“There’s so many honestly,” said Punk. “There’s so many guys.” 

“I think the future of AEW is in such good hands. Most of the younger guys that we have that we’re going to wind up spotlighting in the next five years or so are in their early 20’s.”

Britt Baker, [2] Hook. I mean, everyone seems to love Hook and the guy’s had one match. I just think we take our time with our talents.”

While healing from injury, Britt really stepped up her game on the mic. That was followed by showing great improvements inside the ring. 

Hook [3] has only been booked in one match, but he received universal praise. Both seem to be with AEW for at least the next several year, so they can only go up.

“AEW as a whole is still a baby. Two years old. And we’re going to be moving to TBS in the new year. That’s a big step.”

“And just taking time and fostering the new talent instead of just kind of throwing them out there and having a sink or swim attitude, I think helps. Daniel Garcia is a guy that I think is phenomenal.” 

“Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks. I’ll forget so many people if I name them. I just think that the future is very, very bright.”

Punk has fought some of the people listed, but not everyone. He seems to be enjoying his run, so he will likely push for a match with the future pillars of the company. 

Paul Heyman Angle Discussed

CM Punk Future AEW
Source: @WWENewsUpdates2, Twitter, Screenshot

Fans have seen Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns [4] before, but now the roles are reversed. Lesnar is the face and Reigns has become the top heel in WWE.

In the  Wrestling Observer Newsletter [5], Dave Meltzer noted how WWE is focused on Paul Heyman. He believes, at some point, the idea is Heyman will turn on Lesnar.

”There are different ways they can go, including a Lesnar title win to set up a WrestleMania [12] rematch,” said Meltzer. “Or, Lesnar on the verge of winning and it comes out that the Heyman firing was a ruse and he double-crosses Lesnar.” 

“The idea should be what is the best way to build WrestleMania. It could also be that a Heyman double-cross of Lesnar could be saved for WrestleMania.”

We will know soon enough as Lesnar and Reigns battle at Day 1. Basically, it seems like the Heyman-Lesnar relationship we have seen for 20 years is over.