48-Year-Old Woman Steals Daughter’s Identity To Date Younger Guys, Enroll In College

In a disturbing case, a 48-year-old mother allegedly stole her daughter's identity so she could date younger guys.

A 48-year-old woman may end up behind bars after she allegedly stole her daughter’s identity to enroll in college and date younger men. She also defrauded social security and the federal government by getting federal loans as well as a driver’s license.

Disturbing Scam 

Laura Oglesby spent more than two years carrying out an elaborate scam in which she posed as her daughter Lauren Hays. Not only was Oglesby able to fool officials in her small town of Mountain View during that time, she was also able to trick the federal government. 

Daily Mail reported that it all started in 2016, when Oglesby applied for a Social Security card in the name of Hays, who was 22 at the time. Oglesby had lived with Hays in Jonesboro, Arkansas before she moved two hours away to Mountain View, Missouri after the two had a falling out. 

Locals in Mountain View knew Oglesby as 22-year-old college student Lauren Hays, as she completely took on that identity for over two years. In that time period, she took a job at the local library, and even dated younger men who believed that she was their age.

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‘Everyone Believed It’

“Everyone believed it,” Mountain View Police Department Chief Jamie Perkins told The New York Times. “She even had boyfriends that believed that she was that age: 22 years-old.”

The jig is now up for Oglesby. She is facing up to five years in prison without parole for Social Security fraud after she embezzled over $25,000 during her scam. Everything fell apart for her in 2018, when authorities in Arkansas contacted Mountain View Police Department.

By then, Oglesby was living with Avery and Wendy Parker, a Mountain View couple that took her in from a local women’s shelter after she claimed to have fled there from a domestic violence situation. 

“A woman in town had said that there was a girl who had had an abusive relationship and she was at the Christos House and wanted to know if we could help her out, get her on her feet, get her started, mentor her and get her a fresh new life. We said sure, absolutely,” the Parkers told KY3

“She was a giddy, silly girl. She was 22 but she acted 17,” Avery Parker added, explaining that they treated Oglesby like a daughter. 

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Oglesby Arrested 

They were stunned when police showed up and told them about Oglesby’s crimes.

“Within 24 hours, Laura surfaced and was arrested,” Wendy said. 

“I try real hard to see the 45-year-old Laura, so I can hate her. But all I can see is a 22-year-old Lauren, who I just wanted to help,” Avery added. “If I could give her a message it, I would just like to tell her that the people she hurt the most, we’re nothing, was her kids. She hurt her kids.”

Chief of police Perkins said that Oglesby “had lived that life for a couple of years and basically just ruined her daughter’s credit.” Oglesby has pleaded guilty to her fraud charge, and she will be sentenced at some point in the future. 

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