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WWE Admin Getting Faction, Full Gear Tag Match Late Change Explained

It may not be what you expected, but it seems one WWE admin will be getting a faction. Plus, the AEW Full Gear tag match late change gets explained.

WWE Admin Getting Faction

If you’ve been watching RAW and SmackDown since the dawn of time, you know authority figures do more than expected. Now, a new WWE admin could be getting a faction.

No, this one is not Sonya Deville [1]. Not ruling something out for her, of course…

wwe admin getting faction
source: custom, 411 wrestling twitter screenshot

In this case, the rumblings are that Adam Pearce [2] will be getting a faction sooner or later.

That is the speculation from Ringside News [3], and there seems to be some solid logic to this line of thought.

The first signs tie to the bizarre and mostly unexplained removal of Dom and Rey Mysterio from the RAW Survivor Series [4] team.

At first glance, you could see that perhaps WWE was building toward a Mysterios versus Scrap Daddy match.

They still could be…but it gets better.

Per Ringside News, WWE filed several trademarks around the phrase Scrap Metal.

As you’ve heard, Adam Pearce had a tendency to use the handle Scrap Daddy. It’s in his Twitter handle even.

So, connecting the dots, it seems we might be seeing a new heel faction, surrounding the RAW WWE admin, soon.

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen a heel faction, lead by a heel authority figure, run the show. This could make things interesting.

Honestly, it’s still a bit puzzling, as for much of his time as a WWE admin, Pearce has leaned face, if not done a good job remaining neutral.

Now, it seems he may be going full heel, getting a faction to boot.

A faction might not be able to save him from an angry and heavily fined Brock Lesna [5]r, however…

Full Gear Tag Match Late Change Explained

If you caught the show, you may have some questions. So, the Full Gear tag match late change is going to get explained here and now.

Well, sort of.

The Lucha Bros (Fenix and Penta) successfully defended their AEW tag titles against FTR.

During the match, Fenix may have legit knocked out Dax Harwood [6]. The specifics are  a little fuzzy, but semantics aside, Harwood was out of action much of the match.

Fightful [7] provided us with some additional information.

The report indicated that Fenix either absolutely knocked Harwood out, or rang his bell just short of an actual KO.

full gear tag match late change explained
source: custom, wrestling purists twitter screenshot

Regardless, Harwood was down and out, prompting a late, on the fly, change.

Harwood being woozy explained the late change.

On top of that, Fenix may have some heat backstage. Now, it didn’t sound like Charlotte Flair level heat..but some were not happy.

Seems that Fenix has a reputation for working stiff. Perhaps a bit too stiff…

Now, some guys prefer working stiff, and it works out. Sometimes, working stiff leads to more welts, bruises and yes, sometimes a concussion or knockout.

While everyone knows the risks…they know you check on your opponent after the match backstage.

Apparently, Fenix did not check on Dax, and some within the AEW locker room are not thrilled. Seems they are miffed he didn’t check on him, and perhaps a little ticked at Fenix working so stiff.

In any case, The Lucha Bros remain AEW Tag Champions, but Fenix likely owes some apologies.