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Vince McMahon Denies Randy Orton, New Wrestling Promotion?

WWE’s Crown Jewel event saw Matt Riddle riding to the ring on a camel. It was quite the sight for fans at home and those in attendance. However, Randy Orton also wanted in the idea but was denied by Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon Denies Randy Orton

While Crown Jewel has passed, there were plenty of memorable moments from the show. Matt Riddle on a camel was certainly one of them.

While talking to Metro.co.uk [9], Riddle reveals how Randy Orton felt [10] about the shtick. Matt initially states he has no clue who pitched the idea.

Riddle was jet-lagged and didn’t get any sleep the night before. The morning of the event, he was notified to get to the show early for rehearsal.

Matt questioned what needed to be rehearsed, and he was told “riding on a camel”. Riddle notes that he was like, “a real camel”, and was told it was “happening”.

According to Riddle, riding the camel was a “good time”. He states that fans loved it and he loved it.

Vince McMahon Denies Randy Orton’s Camel Request

One person who wasn’t overly happy that Matt rode a camel to the ring was Randy Orton. As per Riddle, he wanted to ride one too.

Sadly, Vince denied [11] Orton’s request. Matt notes that VKM didn’t think it was part of Randy’s character to ride a camel to the ring.

Randy may have been a bit disappointed, but not overly upset. After all, the show, with Orton included in it, went on.
Maybe Randy Orton will ride a camel next Saudi event? Only time will tell.

This year has been a terrible one for talent releases. Not only in the WWE [12] but Ring of Honor (ROH), too.

Some people view it as an opportunity for talent. One of those people happens to be Jeff Jarrett.

New Wrestling Promotion?

Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily [13]. The focus of the discussion was WWE and ROH releases.

Vince McMahon Randy Orton
Source: WrestleZone, Twitter, Screenshot

Jarrett notes [14] during the interview that he’s never seen so many incredible talents on the “market” as free agents. He believes there’s a better chance of growing a new promotion, currently, than when he started TNA back in 2002.

The WWE Hall of Famer also states that social media and its increase in popularity make it much more accessible for promotions and wrestlers to develop quality content. From Instagram and Facebook to especially YouTube.

In fact, he believes that YouTube offers a great way to create content and get it exposed. Jarrett also says that pairing all this up offers an opportunity for “him” and others” when it comes to promotion.

Could Jeff Jarrett Get Back To Promoting?

He was asked if promoting is still on his mind. He admits that he still does “think this way” (promotion), and it could be because he has an old-school mentality as a third-generation promoter.

While Jarrett may “think” about it, he does acknowledge challenges in promoting these days. But, that doesn’t mean that the door hasn’t been opened for others.