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4 Wrestling Things To be Thankful For This Year

Happy Thanksgiving! Believe it or not, there are a lot of things to like about wrestling right now. Let's go through them

Happy Thanksgiving!

As wrestling fans, it is normal for us to complain about everything going on. WWE isn’t “making new stars” and AEW is nothing but indie-flip nonsense using WWE re-treads. And RIP to the indies, thanks COVID!

Where are the stars, the pageantry, the love of wrestling? 

Well, let’s take a break from the complaining and get an Attitude of Gratitude. There’s a lot to be thankful about when it comes to wrestling.

Let’s pass around a few helpings of positivity about our beloved fake sports. And I’ll sprinkle in a few memories of my favorite WWE Thanksgiving memory, THE GOOBLEDLY GOOKER!

1. We (Sorta) Have Competitive 

“Everything was better during the Monday Night Wars.” Well, we don’t quite have those back, but we do have an emerging* competition to the WWE goliath. AEW is not only great for the fans, but for the wrestlers as well.

More options to get paid means more of our favorites are getting on TV and getting the money they deserve as contracts go up. If nothing else, having a competition to negotiate against putting wrestlers more in a position of power.

Besides moving NXT around the calendar, WWE hasn’t really “responded” to AEW. I don’t think we will see a direct shoutout from the World Wide Leader. AEW is going to be the little brother. While their “FED BAD” attitude can be a bit annoying, it is giving fans disaffected by WWE wrestling an outlet.

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* OK, maybe the ratings aren’t there and yes AEW will never actually “compete” with Vince, but still…

2. All You Can Watch Wrestling 

There’s wrestling on television every night of the week. If you’re a hardcore fan, you can watch a new wrestling show 7 days a week. Beyond WWE and AEW we have Impact, Mexican, and Japanese promotions, and even a few indie promotions have weekly TV shows. 

Plus there’s everything on Youtube, Peacock, and dozens of streaming services. 

3. Roman Reigns

The last year and a half have seen the emergence of perhaps wrestling’s final form: KING Roman Reigns. He is smashing everyone in his way and rules WWE with an iron fist. After years of false starts, we have the wrestler Reigns was meant to be. A complex and power-hungry monster who destroys anyone who tries to come for his spot.

I don’t know who is going to beat Roman, but I do hope it is a year or two down the road. Ideally, he beats everyone (Brock, The Rock, Kenny Omega, Jesus himself) before ascending to another plain to sports entertain among the gods.

4. Live Wrestling Is Back!

If you’re safe and able to, I highly recommend going to a live wrestling show again.

Not just AEW or WWE but search out and find our local indie show. Live wrestling is my favorite in-person event and it is a great chance to meet people who are also very much into grown adults fake fighting in sparkly underwear. 

What are you thankful for about wrestling? Let us know in the comment section below.

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