In the latest piece of “can you believe it” in the world of MMA, we head to Poland.

The Sun reported on a mixed gender match over the weekend that took place at a show in the country of Poland. 

As they stated, one viewer called the scene “horrific” as the ref stepped in to bring an end to the match. And that is where it gets interesting.

Here is a little background, again, courtesy The Sun, on the bout and fighters.

Ula Siekacz competes as an arm wrestler and is a trained fitness instructor. She has an incredible physical body, but is in no way, shape or form a trained fighter.

Competing at a hotel in the Polish city of Czestochowa, Siekacz took on Piotrek Muaboy. The article states that he calls himself “185cm of pure sex.” 

Right there, we should be able to tell exactly where this is going.

To make a long story short, Muaboy defended a takedown attempt and proceeded to pound away on his opponent. 

While Siekacz was able to throw a few strikes off her back, this is anything short of an MMA fight. 

MMA fans chimed in online about the legitimacy of the fight. And honestly, it hurts to even call this a “fight.” 

Here’s a minute-plus clip that shows what I’m trying to say better than words can:

This is nothing more than two people, just people, trying to play MMA. They are not true fighters or mixed martial artists. The fact that they has caused as big of a stir as it has is pathetic. 

The male “fighter” simply played around with a female inside the cage, knocking a few shots on her and moving on. As soon as the ref stepped in, she got right up as if nothing hurt.

And it looked like it didn’t. 

This was quite pathetic in all honestly.

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