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Rumors have been swirling for months that the Academy Award-winning Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey once again discussed the real possibility of him running for governor of Texas as a potential next chapter in his “McConaissance”.

That’s right, folks! The Texas born actor who got his big break as David Wooderson in Dazed and Confused is now seriously considering throwing his proverbial cowboy hat into the politics ring.

In a new AFP interview this week, McConaughey addressed the rumors once again, and revealed why he would describe his potential bid as an “outlaw” run.

It should be noted that today happens to be McConaughey’s 52nd birthday! Happy birthday Matthew McConaughey!

Matthew McConaughey Addresses Possible Texas Governor Run

“Look, it’s been discussed. It’s a possible avenue,” McConaughey said when asked if he is planning to run for governor.

“I would call myself aggressively centrist,” he added, according to Yahoo News. “Not because that’s the place of gray and compromise… I think today it’s a daring space. It’s the space of outlaws.”

McConaughey went on to make it clear that he has issues with both the Republican and Democratic parties. 

“Each party is claiming to be democracy itself, and in doing so can’t much tell you what they’re about,” McConaughey said. “You got to go ‘left’ sometimes, you got to go ‘right.’ There are people on the so-called right and the so-called left that are better people for the job at hand at different times.”

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December 13 Deadline

McConaughey has until December 13 to decide whether or not to file to run for governor of Texas. When asked if he’s taken early steps such as hiring campaign staff or fundraising, he replied, “I’m not, until I am.”

“It’s something I’m giving great consideration… there’s some wonderful sacrifices for the awesome position,” the star continued. 

For McConaughey, this decision will come down to “where and how can I be most useful?”

“I’m not afraid of risk,” he said. “But I really need to ask that question and answer that question for myself.”

After getting his start in rom-coms, McConaughey told his agents that he wanted to shift his career to taking on more serious roles after he became a father in 2008. This ultimately led to his Oscar-winning role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club, in which he played an AIDS patient. 

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The ‘McConaissance’

During this time, McConaughey coined the term the “McConaissance,” saying that his recent career run “needed a campaign slogan.”

When asked if he has a campaign slogan for the next chapter in his life, whether it involves politics or something else, McConaughey had an interesting response.

“It’s still the McConaissance,” he said. “It’s just going to be another chapter.”

AFP tweeted a video from the interview where McConaughey discussed his passion for “justice” and “common sense”. Two themes that are sure to resonate with prospective voters.

You can watch that interview clip in the tweet below.

While Matthew McConaughey lacks any practical experience in politics, his centrist views will likely be seen as refreshing by many in a time when we are more politically divided as a country than ever before.

It will certainly be interesting to see what McConaughey decides to do when it comes to this possible gubernatorial run. 

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