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Mark Henry Reveals Heartwarming Story About Vince McMahon

Despite being regularly vilified in the press, on TV and by the fans, there are plenty of indications that Vince McMahon is a decent person

Is Vince McMahon an evil boss? He certainly is on TV. But the reality is that backstage he is very different. There’s always a story about Vince reaching out to someone or helping wrestling in need. Mark Henry provides the latest from when the former Champion and current AEW talent lost his mother.

What Vince Told Mark Henry When His Mother Died 

On Busted Open, The World’s Strongest Man shared a story about Vince from when Henry’s mother passed away. Vince could tell Henry was extremely close to his mother, so when she passed, McMahon was sure to let Henry know he could take his time coming back. 

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‘listen, I don’t want you to say nothing.’ He said, ‘You deal with this the way that you deal with it. Don’t worry about work.’ He said, ‘You come back when you get back if it’s six months from now, if it’s a year from now.’ I was thinking to myself, like, what? Like he — they never called me. For three and a half months I stayed at home. I got my check every week. And there was a level of respect that I gave him for the rest of my career because of that day he called me. 

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Why It Is Easy To Hate Vince

Vince spent 20 years building up the evil Mr. McMahon character. On television, Mr. McMahon is an evil, conniving, backstabber who will do whatever it takes to win. He will embarrass wrestlers, put them in impossible situations, and punish them. And because some people think wrestling is real, many believe that is how McMahon is in real life.

There are so many stories of Vince not only being a good guy but a good boss. Even wrestlers fired by WWE will say Vince is approachable and always winning to hear an idea. 

So when I hear stories about Vince allowing Henry to take all the time off he needed to mourn his mother, I believe him. Vince instills loyalty among those who work for him. I think he gives respect but also demands it. 

Yes, I am a Vince McMahon apologist, but I think he has earned it. For all his flaws and for all the times he has made questionable decisions, I firmly believe him to be a good person at heart.

Don’t believe The Dirt Sheets

And there are so many stories of Vince changing his mind or blaming talent. But let’s be honest, a lot of these are made-up dirt sheet nonsense ginned up by people whose entire audience is “FED BAD.” 

Believing unverified reports from Meltzer and others is just as silly as believing storylines in WWE are actually real life. Meltzer is a worker just like anyone else. Kevin Nash said it best about Meltzer:

What do you think of Vince McMahon? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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