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Malakai Black Character Change, No Vaccine Needed For AEW Roster

Seems like Malakai Black is set for a character change soon! Plus, Tony Khan confirms the COVID-19 vaccine is not required for AEW roaster.

AEW’s Malakai Black has been on fire since becoming All Elite. During a recent interview, the superstar recently reveals that his character may be set for a change, coming soon. Details below.

Malakai Black Character Change

During an interview with Giant FM Real Radio, AEW’s Malakai Black talks about his current persona. There were also hints that he could introduce some changes to his character soon.

As per Black, he notes that in the following two weeks, fans may see some “interesting” changes in his gimmick. Malakai specifically points to “behavior and aesthetics”.

What Will The Malakai Black Character Change Be?

Black didn’t offer too many details around these character changes. Therefore, it’s hard to know exactly what will change.

Malakai entered the land of AEW in July 2021. He attacked both Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson during his splashing debut.

His first in-ring performance within the company was August 4th. He faced (and defeated) Rhodes.

Speaking of AEW, Tony Khan sat with PW Torch recently. The topic of conversation shifted to the COVID-19 vaccination status of the AEW roster.

No Vaccination Required For AEW Roster

During the interview, AEW’s President reveals that most of the company’s roster has received the jab. He goes on to note that those without the COVID shot are sure to face issues once international touring starts.

Malakai Black Character Change
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As Khan notes, there have already been places they’ve gone to where everyone required the vaccine to be in attendance. This proves that most of the roster has gotten the shot.

Meanwhile, Tony goes on to say that countries like England and Canada, where the shot is mandated, will be hard for those talents who don’t have it. They won’t be able to make touring trips like that.

Tony reiterated a few times that most of the roster has gotten the vaccine. He states that as AEW continues to tour, especially in places with strict mandates, like California, this will get “challenging” for those without the vaccine.

Tony Khan Reveals His Vaccination Status

Mr. Khan also took the opportunity to reveal his own vaccine status. For the first time on record, Tony states that he has taken the COVID-19 jab.

He notes that the work he does within the NFL plays a huge role in this. Especially regarding the different rules for the vaxxed and unvaxxed.

Khan goes on to state that “access” is very different for the unvaccinated versus the vaccinated. This relates to the locker room, too.

Lastly, Khan says that he does not require talents to be vaccinated against COVID-19. However, he did state that everyone who was a part of the Jericho Cruise needed the shot.

This was an example of how superstars may need the jab to participate in specific shows or venues. In addition, the challenge that may arise if talents choose against the vaccine.

At the end of the day, Tony notes that the COVID-19 shot is not required for his AEW wrestlers. However, it will be hard for those unjabbed when it comes to specific AEW tours, as well as some events, plus, shows.

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