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Another NXT Star Jumping Ship?

It feels like every week there is a story out about a NXT or WWE star jumping ship [1]. And with that comes every nerd on the Internet screaming “GO TO AEW!!” The latest former-indie darling turned NXT star to be rumored on the way out is Kyle O’Reilly. According to this exclusive report from PWInsider [2]:

There’s been a lot of talk internally about the future of NXT star Kyle O’Reilly as his current WWE contract is slated to expire next month.

O’Reilly is currently listed internally as the number two babyface for the NXT brand, behind Tommaso Ciampa. Since the NXT 2.0 reboot, O’Reilly has been aligned with Von Wagner.

I could see this going either way, but I think there’s a good chance O’Reilly re-signs.

Despite all his buddies going to AEW, he has a great thing going right now in NXT. The brass obviously wants him to act as a shepherd for future star Von Wagner and the unlikely duo have worked out well together so far.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see them grab Tag Team Gold in the near future.

This is part of a trend with NXT 2.0 where the established stars are aligned with up and comers. Besides Wagner and O’Reilly you have Tomasso Ciampa teaming up with Bron Brekker and Johnny Gargano working on his creep-game with Dexter Lumis. 

Will Kyle O’Reilly Go to AEW? 

If you think the problem with WWE is a bloated roster that doesn’t use talent, why would you want the same thing for AEW?

The answer to every dissatisfied wrestler in WWE can’t be going to AEW. AEW can hardly make use of the talent they have and frankly are relying too much on ex-WWE talent at the expense of younger stars they should be building up. 

Kyle O’Reilly might not care though. Despite being in the main event in NXT, he might like teaming with his buddies on Dark or Elevation or whatever new STACKED show trust-fund kid Tony Khan decides we need. 

I think we have to stop telling every wrestling to go to AEW.

It isn’t working.

AEW is going to rely on ex-WWE talent and the Young Bucks all while refusing to actually build new talent. They’re doing all of the bad things people accuse the WWE of doing but they’re not the WWE so they get a pass.

Alternatives to AEW

O’Reilly doesn’t have to go to AEW. New Japan regularly runs shows out of their Los Angeles Dojo, he could lend some needed cred and name recognition to the brand. 

He could also work in Gamechanger Wrestling or the indie scene in general. 

Overall, I think O’Reilly should stay. He is a legit star who is in the main event often. If he goes to AEW he becomes just another dude doing 8-man tags on a Youtube show.

Should O’Reilly leave NXT? If so, where should we go? Let us know in the comment section.