When you think about social media, Khabib Nurmagomedov doesn’t come to mind.

However, the retired and former UFC champion made some interesting comments recently.

First what he had to say – or at least post via Twitter.

“For the last three years Tony Ferguson you never won a single round in the UFC,” Nurmagomedov posted. “Some of the rounds you lost 10:8. 

“Since 2015 you only won one fighter from top 15. Tony, it’s a clear picture here, I’m not gonna go low and personal, not gonna insult you. 

“It’s just a facts.”

Regardless if it was Nurmagomedov to not, Ferguson responded.

“Fathead, you have avoided me since 2015. You fake injuries & hide behind your team. After the bloody beating I gave your teammate for pissing me off you want no part.

“You’re just a shook one, no balls all strikes. The fans deserve better from your Khabieber.”

The majority of posts made on the official Khabib Twitter account are far from this one. However, maybe in retirement, he is bored and needs something else to do.

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