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Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Tests Positive For COVID

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is unvaccinated, has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. 

Aaron Rodgers Tests Positive

A source confirmed to ESPN [1] that Rodgers will be missing the Green Bay Packers upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday due to his positive COVID status.  

The NFL’s rulebook states that if a player tests positive for COVID-19 and is unvaccinated, he must quarantine for a minimum of 10 days. That means Rodgers will not be able to return to play until November 13.

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Rodger Claimed He Was ‘Immunized’ 

In the wake of it being revealed that he was unvaccinated, fans are calling out Rodgers for allegedly lying about his vaccination status over the summer.

When asked in August if he was vaccinated, Rodgers said he was “immunized.”

“You know, there’s a lot of conversation around it, around the league, and a lot of guys who have made statements and not made statements, owners who have made statements,” Rodgers said at the time. “There’s guys on the team that haven’t been vaccinated. I think it’s a personal decision. I’m not going to judge those guys. There are guys that’ve been vaccinated that have contracted COVID. It’s an interesting issue that I think we’re going to see played out the entire season.”

“I think I like to learn about everything that I’m doing, and there was a lot of research that even went into that. But like I said, there’s been people that have tested positive, and I think it’s only vaccinated people here,” he continued. “It’s going to be interesting to see how things work moving forward. Obviously there could be some issues with vaccinated people only testing every couple weeks and then non-vaccinated testing every day.”

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Packers Coach Speaks Out

On Wednesday, Packers Coach Matt LaFleur said that he would not be commenting on the vaccination status of any player or coach.

However, when asked if Rodgers’ use of the word “immunized” was misleading, LaFleur replied, “That’s a great question for Aaron. I’m not going to comment on it.”

NFL Media reported that Rodgers had sought and was denied an exemption [16] from the NFL-NFLPA COVID-19 protocols based on his antibody levels this summer.

LaFleur also said that he was not aware of whether or not Rodgers had symptoms because he had only spoken to him briefly in the morning. Since Rodgers won’t be able to play, Jordan Love is set to make his first career start against Kansas City this coming Sunday. 

The Packers will also be without practice squad quarterback Kurt Benkert this week. He tested positive for the virus earlier this week.

We hope Rodgers is able to make a full and speedy recovery and get back on the field soon!