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Meghan McCain Blows The Lid Off ‘The View’ – Says She Was ‘Bullied’ Off Show

Months after leaving the ABC talk show “The View,” Meghan McCain is revealing that she was “bullied” off the program.

McCain Says She Was ‘Bullied’ Off ‘The View’

While appearing on “Watch What Happens Live!” to promote her new memoir Bad Republican, [1] McCain was asked by host Andy Cohen if she takes “any responsibility at all” for the alleged toxicity on “The View.”

“Thats a really interesting question, and I think only one person was bullied out of their job and doesn’t work there anymore,” McCain alleged. “And I think that really says it all.”

“You think you were bullied out of your job?” Cohen asked, to which McCain responded with an emphatic, “Yeah.” 

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‘Toxic’ Environment On ‘The View’

E! News [3] reported that McCain claimed in her new audiobook “Bad Republican” that there is a “toxic” environment on “The View” that “breeds drama.”

An ABC spokesperson has since denied this, saying that the “The View” fosters a “collaborative and supportive” environment.

“For 25 years, ‘The View’ has been a platform on air and behind the scenes for strong women,” the spokesperson said. “Live television and different perspectives can often lead to surprising moments, but the team is collaborative and supportive—focused on delivering an informative daily talk show to our loyal viewers.” 

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During this same appearance, McCain was asked by a fan about reports “that ‘The View’ was banning hosts and staff” from speaking to her.

“If it’s true, they’re doing a terrible job,” McCain replied. “I still talk to a lot of the hosts, including Sunny [Hostin].”

When Cohen mentioned the confusion of some fans that McCain has recommended that friends of hers like S.E. Cupp appear on “The View” despite it supposedly being toxic, she explained that she does so “because it’s a great platform, and I’m not a hater.”

McCain Feels She Was ‘Punished…For Being A Conservative’

McCain has been open about how difficult being the token conservative was on “The View.” 

“During my time on ‘The View,’ I felt like I was being often being punished and singled out for being a conservative,” she said in her book, according to Variety. [9] 

McCain went on to explain that her “postpartum anxiety” following the birth of her daughter Liberty last year made being targeted by liberals like Joy Behar on “The View” even more unbearable. 

“I don’t feel that way. I’m not bitter or angry. I want change,” she said. “The idea of show dedicated to women having conversations that society reserves for men is important and necessary in our culture.”

Regardless of how you feel about McCain, she is certainly showing Behar and the other leftists on “The View” that they picked the wrong woman to mess with!