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Fans Really Want Kevin Costner To Star In A Christmas Movie

Kevin Costner rules. He’s a great actor whose naturally cool [1] and understated performances always capture the attention of the viewers. He’s a star in every sense of the word who has played everyone from a mutant Mariner in Waterworld to the win-at-all-costs rancher John Dutton on Yellowstone.

But would you believe the Cost has never once starred in a Christmas movie? I know what you’re thinking “Wasn’t For Love Of The Game kinda Christmasy?” The answer to that is no, that is a baseball movie. 

This injustice of a Holiday free of Kevin Costner has gone on long enough and the fans are TIRED of it. So much so that thousands have signed onto a petition DEMANDING that Costner finally get his own Christmas film [2]

Dances with Wolves, Field of Dreams, No Way Out are all great films, but we have nothing for the holidays.  If you would like to let him know you would like to see him in a holiday theme movie, then add your name to his list.  

As of this writing, the petition (which you can sign here [2]) has 2,856 signatures. The buzz picked up due to the upcoming season 4 premiere of the hit show Yellowstone.

In Yellowstone, Costner does not play someone who would probably appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. Luckily he’s such a versatile actor he’d be able to play just about anyone. 

Kevin Costner Christmas Movie Ideas

Here are a few ideas for Kevin Costner Christmas movies I thought up: 

Which one of these would you most likely see? I think Santa’s Spurs has the most promise and frankly, I’m going to try to write a the treatment of it. Hollywood here I come! 

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Fans Want A Kevin Costner Christmas Movie 

The buzz is palpable for a Kevin Costner Christmas (#CostnerChristmas) 

We already got a great post:

Maybe Costner will respond to the petition. 

Do you think Kevin Costner would make a good Christmas movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below.