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Impact Wanted Big Surprises, Bryan Danielson Keeping Things Fresh

Bound For Glory was on Saturday, and it turns out Impact wanted some big surprises for the show-they didn’t all happen. Plus, you may have noticed, Bryan Danielson keeping things fresh in AEW.

Impact Wanted Big Surprises

Bound For Glory was a big show for the company, but it could have been bigger. Impact wanted some big surprises to happen, but the stars did not align.

There are a few significant free agents on the market right now. Impact was trying to bring in a couple of them as big surprises.

Specifically, Impact wanted both Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt [1] to be their big surprises at Bound For Glory.

Unfortunately for Impact, things did not work out.

impact wanted big surprises
source: custom; @jessicamckay twitter screenshot

Fightful provided details [2] on the attempted surprises.

Now, in one situation, it is more surprising than in the other.

First, the surprise. Braun Strowman and Impact executive Scott D’Amore met just a week ago [3], and at the time, reports made it sound like a signing was imminent. [4]

In fact, there were reports just ahead of Impact’s PPV, that Strowman would debut during the show, using his new moniker, The Titan.

That, of course, did not happen.

The other big surprise they wanted? Bray Wyatt.

Now, that one is less shocking that it didn’t happen.

For one thing, there have been more signs linking the former Bray Wyatt to AEW. For another, according to reports and the logic of his 90 non-compete…Wyatt would not be free to sign until the end of October.

Unless, of course, WWE granted him a favor of some type…which they would have no real reason to do.

So, Impact wanted big surprises on Saturday. They tried for big surprises.

And in spite of what seemed to be a done deal with Strowman, no deal has been struck thus far.

This doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It just means things are still up in the air.

Bryan Danielson Keeping Things Fresh

Speaking of big names and surprises, you might notice that recent AEW signee [5] Bryan Danielson is keeping things fresh.

Specifically, while he’s winning matches like usual…he is working hard to keep the finishes fresh.

That nugget came via the Wrestling Observer. [6]

bryan danielson keeping things fresh
source: custom, Bryan Danielson twitter screenshot

Now that Bryan Danielson does not have to work within the confines of a WWE creative plan, he is being…well…more creative.

Per the conversation, the plan appears to be that Danielson will be keeping his finishes fresh [7], until such a time calls for him to repeat a finish.

Meaning, well, if the story being crafted calls for it, he’d repeat a finish. But so long as he can avoid it, he won’t be repeating things.

For Bryan, who had been with WWE for a good stretch, it has to be refreshing.

While fans were accustomed to his running knees and Yes Locks, as we all know, WWE more often than not has endings that seem all too predictable.

Bryan Danielson has a new level of creative control and a new world to work in with his new AEW home. It sounds like he will take full advantage of it.