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It was announced this week that Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear will be getting his very own Pixar movie, but Tim Allen won’t be reprising the role. Instead, the role has been recast, with Captain America star Chris Evans being brought on to do the voice. 

Now, however, fans are questioning whether Allen’s conservative views are what cost him the part that he originated. Some are even saying that his political opinions may have gotten him “canceled” by the “woke” Disney brand. Check out a trailer for the movie below.

‘Did Disney Cancel Him For Being A Republican?’

“Tim Allen is the only person capable of being Buzz Lightyear,” tweeted author Brigitte Gabrielle. “Did Disney cancel him for being a Republican?”

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Other Twitter users pointed out that Disney has a history of canceling Tim Allen.

“Disney is a ‘woke’ company,” one user wrote. “It owns ABC which canceled Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ sitcom for ‘business reasons even though it was the network’s second highest rated sitcom at the time.”

Liberal Twitter Users Celebrate

Meanwhile, liberal Twitter users were ready to eagerly celebrate the idea that Allen’s conservative views cost him this part.

“So glad Tim Allen isn’t voicing Buzz Lightyear. His political beliefs will negatively influence children who watch the film and he sounds like he’s 90-years-old anyways. Sorry, not sorry. Chris Evans is the perfect fit,” one user tweeted, according to Daily Mail

“Good morning to everyone who’s happy to have Chris Evans voicing Buzz Lightyear instead of Trumper Tim Allen,” another added. 

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Even so, there were other Twitter users who felt that the role needed to be recast because while Allen portrayed the toy version of Buzz Lightyear, this movie will be about the man who inspired the toy.

“Tim Allen is the TOY buzz lightyear and Chris Evans is voicing the man the toy is based off of…why is this becoming a political debate #Lightyear,” said one fan.

Allen Is An Outspoken Conservative

Allen is a Conservative who has described himself as a “political anarchist” and a supporter of “a responsible government that actually does what we pay them to do.”

While he has alleged that he never outright supported Donald Trump, he has said that he “kind of liked that the (former) President pissed people off” and insisted “I literally don’t preach anything” when it comes to politics.

The world will likely never know for sure whether or not Allen’s political views had anything to do with him losing out on a role that he originated. The “woke” higher-ups at Disney would never admit to canceling him if they did in fact do so.

Given how many conservatives have been cancelled by the “woke” left as of late, however, fans definitely have reason to be skeptical of Disney’s intentions in this situation. 

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