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Abby Huntsman, who was a conservative co-host on “The View” from 2018 until 2020, became emotional this week as she recalled feeling “threatened” on the show. She also claims there was an  “unhealthy” work environment there as well.

Huntsman Felt ‘Threatened’ On ‘The View’

Huntsman told Daily Mail that the show “rewarded” staffers for behavior “that should never have happened in a work environment” and made her “feel threatened at times if I didn’t do what they wanted.”

Huntsman recalled why she quit “The View” abruptly last year. 

“They wanted me to wait a month and I said ‘I’m out of here Friday,'” she added. “It was just an unbearable culture by the end.”

“I remember looking at my daughter, Isabel, and I thought to myself: One day, if she comes to me and says ‘I am in a situation that is unhealthy for me and I have to get out,’ I want to tell her that I did that too and that I will be there holding her hand,” Huntsman said while visibly choking back tears. 

“I did it for my own kids and I was so proud that I had the strength to walk away because they told me when I left, ‘You will never find anything better than this,”” she continued. “I said, ‘I hope this is a big enough sign for you that things need to change around here because I care about these people.'”

Producers at “The View” allegedly smugly told her “you’re going to wake up tomorrow [and] tell us, you changed your mind.”

But she didn’t.

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‘I’m Happy Now’

“I’m happy now,” Huntsman said, recalling thinking at the time, “‘Why didn’t I do this sooner? Who cares? It’s trending on Twitter for 24 hours and then people move on.'”

“I felt like I was living for the very first time in two years,” Huntsman added. “It was the best decision I could have made”

There’s nothing that Huntsman misses about what she describes as the toxic environment on the set of “The View.”

“When it came down to it, it wasn’t an environment that I was ultimately proud of and it didn’t match my priorities in my life,” Huntsman said. “If I’m going to leave my children and go do something, I want to make it worth it.”

“I learned very quickly getting there that no one was going to pick me up if I fell,” she continued. “So when there was stuff being gossiped about [and] it was leaked from within – and you knew that – you feel isolated, you feel alone and you don’t feel like there’s anyone there to help you out.”

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Huntsman Was Made To Be The Bad Guy

As a former Fox News host, Huntsman immediately felt that she was made out to be the bad guy on the show.

“It was almost like they wanted there to be that tension. It was part of their game which made it really hard,” she said. “It didn’t always make people their very best self and so you’re always paranoid. It’s not a healthy or normal way for any human being to live their life.”

“A lot of those executives have since left or been fired,” Huntsman concluded. “But, yeah, I did feel threatened at times if I didn’t do what they wanted.”

When asked to comment on Huntsman’s claims, a spokesperson for “The View” said, “Twenty-two incredible women have had a seat on the panel and have worked in collaboration with the dedicated group of professionals on our staff.”

“Abby will always remain a part of The View family and we look forward to continuing the conversation with her when she visits next month,” the statement added. 

Clearly, being the token conservative on “The View” is even harder than it looks on television. Any woman who leans right should really think twice before taking a spot on that show. 

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