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TNT Threatened To Cancel AEW Dynamite, WWE Superstar Upset

One mistake almost caused TNT to cancel AEW Dynamite. Also, Lince Dorado is the latest superstar upset at WWE.

TNT Threatened To Cancel AEW Dynamite

So far, AEW and TNT seem to have something special. After 20 years, TNT got back into the pro wrestling business.

We have seen AEW push the envelope with cursing and blood. Although, it was lighting a cigar that almost got them tossed.

Chris Jericho revealed to Stephanie Chase [1] that TNT officials were furious with a particular segment. Basically, after beating down Dustin Rhodes, Jericho let up a cigar and that is where a line is drawn.

“TNT is rolling with it because the ratings are great and the demo is high,” said Jericho. “Obviously, there’s certain things we’ve been reprimanded for, there are a few things I could tell you.” 

“We’re not stupid, if there’s something that goes on that the parent company doesn’t like, we don’t do it anymore. That’s why AEW is as successful as we are because we’re not afraid to take a few chances and we’re not worried about taking chances or getting slapped on the wrist if we do something that we shouldn’t do.”

“It hasn’t been that many times. For me, there’s a few times I can recall when they say, ‘don’t do that again.’”

Cigar Almost Cost AEW Dynamite Their TNT Spot

“One of them was when we beat up Dustin Rhodes in the parking lot and as we left, I lit up a cigar. They did not like that.” 

“No smoking allowed on the show. They were super angry about it. No smoking allowed! I was like, “Really, out of all the things, that’s what they are mad at?’” 

“They were very adamant, they didn’t want any smoking on the show and if we did it again, I don’t know if this was used but the way it was told me was, ‘we’ll pull the show if you guys do it again.’ Alright, I don’t need to be smoking.” 

“I just did it because It thought it was an a—hole thing to do. Apparently, so did they.”

Thankfully, both sides were able to adjust. Now, AEW is bringing big numbers each week [2] and landing in the key demographic.

Hopefully, AEW [3] keeps the momentum and we do not get a repeat of WCW on TNT.

WWE Superstar Upset

Source: WWE on BT Sport, Twitter, Screenshot

Gran Metalik requested his WWE release [4] and he might not be alone. PWInsider [5] confirmed that Lince Dorado is also upset with WWE.

As of now, both members of Lucha House Party remain with the company. They are currently under deals that run into 2023.

The group was never properly used by WWE. Already, they released Kalisto [6] and that seemed to hurt the stable even more.

Dorado and Metalik have been spotted backstage at recent shows. Apparently, they tried to talk to WWE about their position.

Both joined WWE a few years back as part of the Cruiserweight Classic. They appeared on RAW [12] earlier in the month, losing to New Day in a Tag Team Turmoil match.