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Seth Rollins Furious After Match, Big Peacock Botch On Extreme Rules

We’ve come to find out that Seth Rollins was furious after a certain infamous match. Plus, there was a major Peacock  botch on Extreme Rules.

Seth Rollins Furious After Match

Superstars can get ticked off after iffy bouts, but we’ve found out that Seth Rollins [1] was furious after one match in particular.

I assure you, once we tell you what match got him so angry…you probably won’t be all that shocked.

So what match had Seth Rollins furious?

source: custom, @WrestleFeatures twitter screenshot

Remember a couple years back, when we all endured perhaps the worst Hell In A Cell [2] match ever?

Seth Rollins took on The Fiend, Bray Wyatt.

During the match, we all had to suffer through that annoying red light.

On top of that ridiculously bad decision, there was that ending.

The Fiend technically won, but in a Hell In A Cell match…you don’t expect the official to randomly stop things.

It was, to say the least, a terrible example of Hell In A Cell.

Fans weren’t the only ones ticked off about it. As the Superstar recounts it, Rollins was furious after the match.

Speaking with Steve Austin on the Broken Skull Sessions, [3] Rollins noted that, at the time, he wanted to strangle Vince McMahon.

As Rollins put it, WWE producer Tyson Kidd had to restrain him.

So, see fans…we were not the only ones livid at how that Hell In A Cell match went down.

Seth Rollins was furious after the match, and the booking really kind of screwed both wrestlers.

Rollins is rising to the top once again in WWE. As for The Fiend?

After building up such a creative monster…WWE flubbed things and have since released Bray Wyatt [4].

We might find out soon enough where the former Bray Wyatt lands…and who knows if those two will ever get a chance to re-do Hell In A Cell.

Big Peacock Botch On Extreme Rules

In what is seemingly becoming a bit of a frequent happening, there was a major Peacock botch on Extreme Rules.

For what it’s worth, at least this botch was a bit of a new development…

Trust me, it’s not a great consolation.

major botch on extreme rules
source: custom, @WWEUniverse twitter screenshot

In this instance, during the pre-show, you might have noticed a bit of an audio issue.

Specifically, you saw Michael Cole and Pat McAfee doing commentary.

However, you did not hear them doing commentary.

Instead of the usual SmackDown announcers on audio…fans listening to the English language feed?

They heard the Spanish announce team instead.

As the fix was being worked on, for at least some, the language changed…but not back to English.

For those keeping score at home, this is just the latest Peacock issue during a WWE PPV. [10]

It wasn’t that long ago where many fans were subjected to terrible video quality, as if we were watching old school scrambled pay channel feeds.

Since WWE sold the network to the NBC entity, [11] PPV quality (technical, specifically) has been hit or miss.