Megyn Kelly Claims Madonna Had A ‘Fake A**’ At VMAs – ‘Absolutely No Way That’s Her Real Bottom’

While opening the 2021 MTV VMAs, Madonna gave fans a good look at her backside which Megyn Kelly described as "huge" and "perfectly round."

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly lashed out at the pop star Madonna over her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, claiming that the 63-year-old star wore butt implants to the event.

Check out Madonna’s getup for yourself below.


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Kelly Goes Off On Madonna

The Daily Caller reported that during her show on Monday, Kelly told guests Adam Carolla and Janice Dean, that there was “absolutely no way that’s her real bottom.”

Kelly began by saying that while she did not actually watch the VMAs, she followed the coverage of it and wanted to take a moment to address “Madonna’s a**.”

“I gotta talk to you, JD, I gotta talk to you about Madonna’s a**,” Kelly said as Dean burst out laughing. “There is 100 percent that that is fake. There is absolutely no way that that’s her real bottom.”

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Kelly went on to say that she is aware that the “right thing” to do in these situations is to cheer Madonna on and say things like, “You go girl, 63! And that’s what 63 looks like and you’re still holding it together.”

Kelly, however, could not bring herself to do that. 

‘Woman, Cover Up!’

“That’s not how I feel,” she said. “I feel like, woman, cover up! It’s too much.”

“I just think that her old brand was vulgarity and it worked but it’s working less for me as she gets into her mid 60s and is officially a member of AARP,” Kelly continued, going on to suggest that Madonna should show “a little bit more dignity” because her look came off more as vulgar than as sexy.

Here’s a video of the “material girl” at the VMAs.

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Kelly Describes Madonna’s Butt

When Dean said she hadn’t seen the VMAs, Kelly proceeded to describe Madonna’s butt to her, saying, “It’s huge. It’s perfectly round. It’s hard. You can almost see the implant!” 

When Kelly asked Carolla for his opinion, he deferred by saying, “All I did was watch NFL highlights,” so he “missed the highlight of Madonna’s ass.”

“So, unfortunately I’ll have to take a deep dive into her ass after we wrap this up,” he said. 

Kelly begins the Madonna segment at the 1:22:25 mark:

It’s sad that at Madonna’s age, she still feels the need to act like a 20-year-old girl.

Kelly is spot on with her analysis of Madonna, who is clearly still desperate for attention after all these years. Sad! 

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