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Major Reaction To Arn Anderson AEW Promo, Shane McMahon Update

AEW gives talent the opportunity to take a promo to the next level. This week, Arn Anderson’s segment on Dynamite was no exception to the rule. It got some major reaction.

Major Reaction To Arn Anderson AEW Promo

Arn Anderson used an “imaginary” gun this week during his AEW [1] Dynamite promo. In fact, he placed it right at Cody Rhode’s head.

He states that he would “shoot” a man for hijacking his care. He also notes that Rhodes would give up his ride.

Anderson relays this promo after Lee Johnson and the American Nightmare won their bout. Lee tagged himself in for the pinfall.

All Rhodes wanted after that was Malakai Black. However, Arn had something to say to Cody.

More On Arn Anderson AEW Promo

During the AEW [7] promo, Anderson implied that he was ready to part ways with Rhodes. The promo got quite descriptive as he spoke about pulling out a “Glock” and “brains spilling” on the concrete if a hijacker tried to steal his car.

Arn notes in the promo that Cody would just say, “don’t hurt me”. Anderson’s name began trending on social media after the fact.

It’s not often that a wrestling promo goes into that much violence. Therefore, it’s not surprising it received so much attention.

In fact, about 9,000 tweets were posted about Anderson’s AEW promo. It was over-the-top.

While it may have been a tad controversial, it got people talking. Posts about the promo (and the promo) are located above.

Over at WWE, Shane McMahon hasn’t been seen on TV for a while now. What’s he up to?

The rumor mill seems to be buzzing. There’s an update below.

Shane McMahon Update

It’s important to note that Shane McMahon is still under a WWE [11] talent contract. He is still with the company.

Arn Anderson AEW Promo
Source: NoDQ.Com, Twitter, Screenshot

Shane recently accepted a position for Ideanomics. He’s the new executive chairman.

McMahon has been with this company since 2010. He was originally the vice-chairman.

Shane’s Not “In The Offices” Anymore

According to a Fightful Select [12] report, Shane is still with the WWE. However, it is a very rare occasion to see him in the offices.

The report notes that there is no information about his WWE [13] office job. No word on how his absence affects his current role with the company.

Shane left the WWE in 2009. In 2010, he became the CEO of YOU On Demand, an entertainment service company.

In July 2013, McMahon stepped down from YOU (voluntarily). He’d appoint Weicheng Liu to the role.

He stayed on as vice chairman of the board for YOU. Shane was also the company’s principal officer at that time.

McMahon made an explosive return to the WWE in 2016. From then until about 2019, Shane was a major talent within the company.

He competed in pay-per-views at that point in time. He also was SmackDown’s “Commissioner”.

After 2019, Shane took a break from on-screen storylines. He returned for a brief time in 2020, as the host of RAW Underground.

That was a short-lived segment. McMahon transitioned to a backstage producer.

Shane-O-Mac hasn’t been seen a lot on TV (or at the offices), lately. However, he likely will always have a job at WWE, in some fashion.