Kurt Warner biopic

NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner’s journey from grocery store clerk to Super Bowl MVP is perhaps one the greatest “rags to riches” story in all sports.

That incredible story is now being honored on the silver screen with American Underdog, starring Shazam! actor Zachary Levi as the eponymous Warner, and Dennis Quad as Rams head coach Dick Vermeil.

Watch the trailer for the Christmas 2021 release below: 

Kurt Warner’s Incredible Story

Kurt Warner is a true American success story. Barely recruited out of high school, Warner played quarterback at the University of Northern Iowa, where he rode the bench until his senior year.

Following college, Warner went undrafted. He received a tryout from the Green Bay Packers in 1994, but with NFL legend Brett Favre beginning his meteoric rise, there wasn’t a spot for Warner. 

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He then stocked shelves at a grocery store before going on to play in the Arena Football League. In the AFL, Warner garnered enough attention to earn a contract from the Saint Louis Rams.

He was set up as a backup in the pre-season before a freak injury to starter Trent Green put Warner in the starting position. 

From there, Warner led the “Greatest Show on Turf” to a Super Bowl.

During that season, the Rams set numerous NFL records. Warner earned the league and Super Bowl MVP, both firsts for a rookie starter. After a few more seasons of success, Warner moved onto Arizona, leading the Cardinals to a Super Bowl.

He even got a little bit of revenge on the Packers, who had long ago cut him loose – throwing for more touchdown passes than incompletions during the 2009 NFC Wild Card matchup. 

Ultimately, Warner became one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, earning three Super Bowl appearances, two league MVP awards, one Super Bowl MVP award, and numerous individual performance records.

And of course, he made it to Canton, in the NFL Hall of Fame. 

After retirement, Kurt Warner joined the NFL Network as an analyst and traveled as an inspirational leader.

Warner has never shied away from expressing his Christian faith and credits being born again as catalysts for his career.

Filmmakers’ Positive Christian Films 

The directors of American Underdog, the Erwin brothers, are known for their hit movies that promote uplifting and Christian themes.

In an era where it is cool and encouraged to bash Christians, the Erwins have created good movies with uplifting messages for the entire family to enjoy. 

We Need More Positive Movies

As someone who watches too many movies, I’ve noticed the lack of “positive” films out. So often, movies expose the worst of humanity and seem to do little more than desensitize people. Moreover, movies rarely show us a true hero.

Instead, hit films rely on the over-done and overly complex “anti-hero.”

Heroes can and should have flaws, but we shouldn’t always rely on the “cool bad guy.” We need more movies where the good guy is good and standing up for what’s right no matter.

People will say, “that’s not realistic” Well, guess what? Movies aren’t supposed to be “realistic.”

They’re an escape from reality. I want to watch something that takes my mind of life and work for a few hours.

Although, in the case of Kurt Warner, “unrealistic” is what makes it such an incredible story.

I Still Believe and I Can Only Imagine directors Jon and Andrew Erwin directed American Underdog. In addition to Levi and Quaid, Adam Baldwin, Bruce McGill, Ser’Darius Blain, Chance Kelly, Morgana Shaw, Brett Varvel, and Bryce Bruckbauer also star.

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I look forward to seeing American Underdog. I hope this will lead to more positive biopics in the future.

Will you see America Underdog? Comment below.