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Last month, we reported that the comedian Kathy Griffin had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Now, she’s giving fans a health update saying that she’s suffering from “vocal cord issues” and why she’s now “shameless”.

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Kathy Griffin’s Health Update – Battling Lung Cancer 

“One thing that sucks about cancer, it’s hard to focus on anything else when one is experiencing shortness of breath, deep coughing, pain, extreme fatigue & in my case, vocal chord issues,” she said.

“One thing that doesn’t suck about cancer…how shameless I am when clapping back at people who dare to sass Ms. Kathy about anything with ‘Really, d**khead??? TRY CANCER!’ I cannot get enough of it,” Griffin added.


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Kathy Griffin’s Cancer Diagnosis 

Griffin had previously opened up about the humorous way her doctor tried to make light of her condition. 

“When you’re a comedian — and I’ve been dealing with this for years — the doctors always want to be comedians too,” Griffin said with a laugh, according to Entertainment Tonight. “So, you know I had half my left lung removed. So he described it to me this way three times, but he could not resist doing it again today. So he goes like this, ‘You know, the thing about having a lobe removed from your lung is it’s really not that big of a deal’ — in the meantime I feel like I could fall over any minute.”

“He goes, ‘You know, people don’t realize we find the cancer and then we go in and, basically, we pop the lobe like a balloon and we take it out of a little incision on your side,’ by the way I have like 17 incisions,” she added. “He goes, ‘In fact, it’s kind of like taking out a used condom. You could use that.'”

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Griffin could not help but continue to laugh at her doctor’s repeated joke and his insistence that she use it. 

“I’m laughing because every time he tells that horrible joke he then always goes, ‘You could use that,’ and I’m always like, ‘OK, buddy,'” she continued.

“But I’m actually using it ’cause I think it’s so funny that this guy keeps saying it and he’s probably going to say it the next time I go in too.”

Successful Lung Surgery

Since revealing her cancer diagnosis last month, Kathy Griffin has been recovering from a successful surgery in which she had half of her lung removed.  

“Surgery went well and as planned,” a rep for Griffin said in August. “Kathy is now in recovery now and resting. Doctors say the procedure was normal without any surprises.”

Knowing Kathy Griffin, she will undoubtedly continue to share lively health updates with fans as her recovery continues. 

She’s not everyone’s cup of tea but at least she has her sense of humor to keep her going.

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