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Huge Backstage Changes In AEW, Top WWE Superstars Out Of Action

As per a report, there seem to be huge backstage changes at AEW, right now. Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Cody Rhodes may all be EVPs. However, it sounds like things aren’t the same between them, off-camera.

Huge Backstage Changes In AEW

Bodyslam.net [1] is reporting that Cody Rhodes is the only “EVP” at AEW that attends office meetings regularly. He’s considered an “office regular”.

It was stated that Rhodes doesn’t [5] have a relationship with the other EVPs. The others are good friends, but Rhodes is like an “outsider”.

In fact, Nick Jackson takes care of “Being The Elite”. Meanwhile, Matt is responsible for helping his wife Dana with merchandising.

Then, there’s Kenny Omega [6]. Apparently, he overlooks AEW Games.

Kenny also oversees other projects and is responsible for “gaming” things. With that said, Tony Khan has pulled in the “reigns” as of late.

More On The Huge Backstage Changes In AEW

According to a source, one way Khan did this was by cutting back on hiring talent. In addition, the men are only “EVPs” in name, as of 2021. They don’t have the final say in talent hiring or creative.

This extends to all four men. Khan took that power away from all of them.

Lastly, everything must run through Tony now. He has the last call on all creative in AEW.

Over to the land of WWE, seems like the company is struggling with injuries. They have some top superstars who aren’t competing.

Top WWE Superstars Out Of Action

Randy Orton wasn’t on Monday Night RAW [7] this week. Despite Matt Riddle referencing The Viper, it might be a while until fans see RKBro together.

Huge Backstage Changes AEW
Source: WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

PW Insider [8]states that Orton is out of action due to something unknown. With that said, he has not been cleared for competition.

The last time the WWE Universe saw Randy was when he faced off against AJ Styles. This was on the September 20th edition of RAW.

As one-half of the Red brand’s tag champs, here’s hoping Orton is cleared soon. But, he’s not the only one that is out of action.

Alexis Bliss Set For Surgery

Things have been rough for Alexa Bliss since [9] Extreme Rules. She lost a title opportunity to Charlottle Flair in her hometown of Columbus.

Plus, Flair destroyed her best friend, Lilly. Bliss has no friend, no title, and now no television time.

That’s because Alexa Bliss will be off RAW for a bit, as she needs surgery. The good news is that it doesn’t sound overly serious.

PW Insider also reports that Little Miss Bliss is set for sinus surgery soon. She’s been written out of storylines, as such.

There’s no word on how long Alexa will be away. However, with Lily gone, there’s a good chance that when she comes back, she’ll have a whole new gimmick.

It’ll be interesting to see how the WWE deals with Orton and Bliss’s absence during the 2021 WWE Draft. After all, both are top superstars, and either brand would be lucky to have them on their roster.