Brian Laundrie search

The search for the missing Brian Laundrie continues. Authorities are looking to question Laundrie in connection to the death of Gabby Petito.  While he has yet to be charged, he is widely believed to be a prime suspect in her disappearance and death. 

Dog The Bounty Hunter Had Cops Called On Him

We know Dog is on the case, but he’s already faced a few issues, particularly from Laundrie’s family. The family called 911 on Dog while he visited the house to question them on their missing son.

“The police said we were welcome to knock on the door so we did,” Chapman said. “I wanted to tell the Laundries that our goal is to find Brian and bring him in alive.”

There has also been some misinformation that Dog and his team have sought to is quash. 

Dog also went on the Dr. Oz show to talk about the search and his recent wedding.

All the publicity aside, Dog is a world-renowned bounty hunter that has found many missing people. Here’s hoping he can bring Brian in peacefully.

One Man’s Odd Interaction With Brian Laundrie

One man who claims to have met Laundrie in August is telling his story. Hunter Mannes of Louisiana claims he met Laundrie in Yellowstone National Park a few days before Gabby Petito disappeared.

Mannes was interacting with a man at a bar in Montana and noted Laundrie injected himself into their conversation and seemed to want to start a disagreement: 

“[Laundrie] abruptly jumped into it with a comment about ‘stupid Southerners’ and some expletives about Republicans.” 

Mannes contacted the FBI after the interaction. It is unclear if this will lead to anything, but every bit of information helps. 

Brian Laundrie Went Camping With Family

The latest update came this morning via Good Morning America. Laundrie and his family reportedly went camping when he returned from Wyoming.

The Laundrie family attorney said Brian and his parents went on a three-day trip to Fort de Soto park in Florida’s Pinellas County and returned on Sept. 8.

The Laundries are claiming they do not know where Brian is at this time. However, going camping together immediately after he returned alone is certainly suspicious.

What do his parents know? Did Brian tell them what happened that prompted him to leave Gabby behind? 

There are so many unanswered questions and plenty of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

Some think Laundrie is hiding in a boat offshore. Others claim he fled to Cuba or another country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with America.

Regardless, the mystery will continue until he is found.

Where do you think Brian Laundrie is? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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