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AEW Dynamite Tops WWE RAW, Brian Cage’s Wife Says He’s Misused

AEW Dynamite had an awesome night on Wednesday and WWE should be worried as they did better than RAW. Also, the wife of Brian Cage thinks her husband deserves to be better represented.

AEW Dynamite Tops WWE RAW

At All Out, AEW delivered a nearly perfect show from start to finish. Therefore, there was plenty of fallout for fans on Wednesday’s Dynamite.

And, it was enough for AEW to reach a huge milestone with 1.3 millions viewers. But, there is much bigger news about that figure.

In the 18 to 49 demographic, which is very important, they scored an impressive .53 rating. Basically, that means 681,000 people in that age group watched Dynamite.

To compare, during the same week, WWE RAW did have more viewers with 1.85 million. Although, the same demographic mentioned above was .52 rating.

So, AEW was just able to edge out WWE this week in the most important demographic. Again, it is another case of AEW showing WWE that they are real competition [1].

Now, this was no ordinary episode of Dynamite. There were several takeaways from All Out [2], but none bigger than the conclusion. 

The Elite were destroying the faces inside the ring when the lights went out and Adam Cole headed to the ring. The former NXT Champion superkicked Jungle Boy and joined his former stable.

AEW was still not as familiar music hit and Bryan Danielson [3] also debuted. He cleared the ring as the faces stood tall to close the pay per view.

Both were advertised to appear on Dynamite and they did so without wrestling. But, next week, Cole will wrestle as Danielson still awaits an opponent.

Brian Cage’s Wife Says He’s Misused

Source: WrestlingSheet, Twitter, Screenshot

Brian Cage [4] made an impression in Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling. In fact, he was featured in the world championship bracket.

Then, in May of 2020, Cage officially debuted for AEW. He joined as a heel and Taz was his manager. He went on a nice wining streak before losing to then AEW Champion Jon Moxley. 

Taz awarded Cage the FTW Championship and held it for 54 weeks. Eventually, Team Taz turned on Cage and this allowed Ricky Starks to win the belt and the subsequent rematch.

Well, Cage’s wife, Melissa Santos, uploaded a video on Twitter where she said that AEW is missusing her husband.

“Brian Cage is a superstar,” said Santos. “Those people who know him from indies, Impact [Wrestling], Lucha Underground, where I met him, know that he’s a superstar.” 

“All you have to do is Google him and watch all his matches, [including] PWG. He’s a superstar and he’s being misused right now.”

Cage also dropped into the conversation, but did not take any side. Honestly, Cage has been well used in AEW as he worked title matches and even with Sting.