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Here Are The 50 Best Places To Live – Did Your Town Make The List?

Where is the best place to live in America? That depends on how you measure it or what you’re looking for in a place to live.

Obvi0usly a family of 4 will have different needs than a single man in his 30s. Using various factors, Money determined the 50 Best Places to Live in the United States. Did your town make it? 

Top 10 Best Places To Live

The complete list is here, [1] but let’s focus on the Top 10.

10. Ellicot City, Maryland (Baltimore suburb)

9. Scottsdale, Arizona (Nice Phoenix Suburb, great golf, weather, and schools)

8. Centennial, Colorado (lovely Denver suburb)

7. Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City Suburb)

6. Syracuse, Utah (Way better than Syracuse, New York unless you’re a college basketball fan)

5. Ashburn, VA (DC suburb far enough away from the Swamp that you can enjoy the Virginia countryside)

4. Flower Mound, Texas (Dallas suburb with access to lakes, lots of green space, and fine schools)

3. Franklin, Tennessee (pleasant and historical Nashville suburb) 

2. Carmel, Indiana (Unfortunately not the home of caramel, but is the Roundabout Capital of the US with over 128 roundabouts)

And Number One is:

Chanhassen, Minnesota

Best Places To Live

Methodology Of 50 Best Places To Live

Money uses a variety of factors to decide the 50 best places to live. Besides “old fashioned reporting,” the publication uses the following metrics [7]:

How Did These Places Make The List?

I’m sure Money put a lot of time into this list. However, some of these additions are real head-scratchers. Let’s take a look at three cities that don’t deserve to be on the list:

What’s Missing? 

All of California’s major cities (and their suburbs) were excluded.

There are only two places in California, [9] and they come in at numbers 48 (Mission Viejo) and 42 (Rocklin).

This shouldn’t surprise you. With its high taxes, earthquakes, wildfires, and shrinking population, California isn’t the best place to live.

Sure it has sun year-round, but it is also a mecca for the homeless and has housing prices that would make a millionaire cry.

Did your city make the list? Would you move to any of these places? Sound off in the comments.